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ADR "Alternative Dispute Resolution"


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HHA Legal\'s Alternative Dispute Resolution- Great price -Excellent Service!

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ADR "Alternative Dispute Resolution"

  1. 1. ADR-”Alternative Dispute Resolution” <br />
  2. 2. Welcome To ADR-<br />ADR provides alternative dispute resolution fulfilling the need to prevent frivolous lawsuits by using <br />our Lawsuit Prevention Plan and Mediation services. With the recent increase in frivolous lawsuits, <br />meritless accusations and an onslaught of finger pointing towards the real estate industry makes <br />It clear that now more than ever dispute resolution is an absolute necessary tool preventing <br />Brokers and Agents from getting named in lawsuits and watching their Errors and Omissions <br />Deductible rise. <br />ADR's Lawsuit Prevention Plan is affordable and designed to allow the agent and the broker to <br />retain the majority of their commission. Unlike other Risk Management companies, ADR offers a 12 <br />month free Personal Legal Service Plan at no additional cost to the Broker and Agent. <br />ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution Services is designed to assist the agents and the brokers in their <br />time of need, when they are having serious legal problems that may result in a lawsuit. This can <br />include but not limited to Informal and Formal Demands. <br />Informal:Includes phone calls, voice mail messages, face to face conversations, act... <br />Formal:Includes letter of demands, emails, notes written by demanding party to either the <br /> agent or broker requesting or demanding money, act....<br />ADR also offers preferred rates on E&O Insurance as our affiliate and also offers Pre-Audit review <br />and transaction recording up to ten (10) years. <br />ADR understands the hard economic times for real estate agents and brokers. Through our <br />Affiliate program take advantage of these legal services which are user friendly for all real estate<br />professionals. <br />Learn more about ADR Services by contacting: or 800-792-7086<br />
  3. 3. Options Available To You<br />There are two great options for our services: <br />OPTION 1: Agent/Broker pays $50.00 per side/per transaction and receives all <br /> the benefits of the ADR program as well as a FREE 12 month legal <br /> service plan for them only. (This option does not offer services for your <br /> client)<br />OPTION 2: Agent/Broker or client pays through escrow the amount of $495.00 <br /> per transaction per side and the agent/broker receives the benefits <br /> of the ADR program as well as the FREE 12 month legal service <br /> plan for themselves. Plus, their clients receive the 12 month legal <br /> service plan along with mediation assistance and a certificate from <br /> our office. The agent/broker will also receive a $200.00 commission <br /> on any closed transaction that has this option placed on it. <br />Learn more about ADR Services by contacting: or 800-792-7086<br />
  4. 4. Personal & Professional Benefits<br />Professional<br />Mediation hot line to answer concerns or questions<br /> Transaction Document review for clients<br /> Mediation Document review for clients<br /> Free attorney consultations<br /> Letters written by the attorney on your behalf<br /> Direction and advice pertaining to individual needs (Broker/Agent/Client) by the attorney<br /> Liaison for document preparation and third party representation between client and legal department. <br /> Guaranteed 25-40% discount on all additional legal services<br /> Free E&O Insurance quotes<br /> Pre-Audit review for Broker<br />Full seven years of transaction file maintenance <br />Personal <br />12 month legal service plan includes: free consultation, document review, third party representation by <br />the legal department as well asall our listed legal services such as: Bankruptcy, Tax Issue, Personal <br />Injury, Wills and Probate, etc... We guarantee a 25-40% discount on all additional legal services.  <br />Buyer and Seller Legal Services<br /> <br />As a real estate professional uses ADR legal services your buyer and/or seller receives the 12 month <br />legal service plan. After Close of Escrow the client receives a certificate of service and their <br />guide to the 12 month Legal Service Plan. These certificates may be presented by the agent as a <br />housewarming gift, when the agent purchases these services for the client. The client legal services <br />include the following issues: Family Law (including adoption), Bankruptcy, Wills and Probate Issues, <br />Tax Issues, Personal Injury, Mediation Services and much more. Guaranteed 25-40% discount on all <br />legal services. <br />Learn more about ADR Services by contacting: or 800-792-7086<br />
  5. 5. Some Helpful Tips<br />Managing Risk Management Disclosures <br />Some sellers may be reluctant to make a complete and full disclosure. They feel disclosing all problems will cost t<br />hem money or prevent the sale. Surprisingly, people purchase terrible properties with major defects, provided the <br />seller discloses these issues up front. On the other hand, when the seller hides defects and the buyers discover t<br />them later, the sale usually cancels. This can result in failure-to-disclose litigation. Even if the buyer does not litigate, <br />the seller must still begin the marketing process over again. Furthermore, most states require the agent to disclose <br />past inspection reports to subsequent buyers.<br /> <br />Sometimes sellers are aware of problems, but are not particularly concerned. For example, the sellers may not notice <br />the sloping floors that indicate a foundation problem. When you spot this type of potential problem, do NOT <br />diagnose. Instead, advise the sellers to note the sloping floors on their inspection disclosure. If they elect not to <br />disclose the floor problem and your state requires you to fill out a disclosure, then avoid diagnosing. Your disclosure <br />should simply read, “Sloping floors noted in entry, kitchen, and dining room.” If the buyer asks you to diagnose the <br />problem, respond by saying,<br />Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, if you are concerned about the floors, hire an inspector to conduct an independent investigation.<br />If the seller knows of a problem and demands you hide it, inform your supervising broker immediately. In most <br />cases, the smart move is to cancel the listing rather than representing someone who is pressuring you to violate the <br />law. A second item the sellers may find to be controversial is giving the buyer a copy of the disclosure prior to or at <br />the time they write the offer. If the buyer knows about the drawbacks of the property prior to writing an offer, the <br />buyer will be less likely to ask the seller to lower the price based upon the inspections.<br /> <br />Permits are another area that can cause tremendous difficulty. For example, in Los Angeles County, you must obtain <br />a permit to replace an old water heater or dishwasher. Furthermore, if the owner adds a new master bedroom and <br />fails to obtain a permit, the city can force the homeowner to return the property to its original condition. Other <br />municipalities have no permit requirements at all. To protect all parties involved, familiarize yourself with what is <br />required in your market area as well as the potential penalties for violating the building code.<br />Learn more about ADR Services by contacting: or 800-792-7086<br />
  6. 6. Why Wait……<br />Contact Us At: <br />800-792-7086<br />Or <br /><br />