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  • Grayson

    1. 1. GRAYSON
    2. 2. No one ever uses speechcommand on their mobile devices in public.
    3. 3. But you do want to...
    4. 4. It’s faster
    5. 5. Less effort
    6. 6. Far easier than browsingthrough all your mobile applications by hand.
    7. 7. But speaking to your phone in public makes you look like a bit of a loon...
    8. 8. I propose something fun, new and different...
    9. 9. GRAYSON is a holographicsidekick that sits on your shoulderand acts as both personal assistant and mobile device.
    10. 10. DESIGN
    11. 11. Humanoid Hologram Avatar Option to create the basic look of Can be detached from the your avatar for individuality. shoulder and act as a Preprogrammed character avatar standing device for face to emotions and movements will react face communication. to voice commands made by the user as well as acting on its own artificial intelligence. Microphone & Speaker Light Projector Headphone Jack located inside the device - on this side sits on a round pivot Padded Non-Slip Bottom Angled Camera/Projector Semi-Reflective SurfaceShapes itself to mould around the Viewing your Avatar as well as Acts as a ground where yourshoulder and grips onto fabric as messages, emails, photos, etc. right in Avatar can perform its tasks as well as smooth surfaces front of you. well as simply sit idle
    12. 12. GRAYSON will act like your mobile device withcontacts, emails, GPS, directions, schedule, etc. but is given the ability to develop its own persona according to how you use it - making mobile communication more personable and simpler. When mobile, the light-weight, minimalistic designmakes it easily portable/wearable. It can be attached to the users shoulder to complete the hands-free experience and keeps the device close at hand without having to constantly check it. Although the technology at the moment is still a mere concept using the ideas built around ‘true 3D holograms’ developed in Japan at Burton Inc. - this starting point creates the possibility for far more advanced interactivity with our everyday devices. It is inspired by a number of different technological developments over the last few years. From XBOX Kinect, Apple’s SIRI, Coachella’s 2012 Tupac performance, Japan’s 2022 FIFA bid and even the holograms of Star Wars as starting points - this type of technology can potentially be possible within the next few years.
    13. 13. Concept by Hyacinth GuelasEmail: hGuelas@ymail.comWebsite: @hGuelas