Assessing Students' Modern Language Speaking Through Formative Assessment Tuttle


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Help your students to improve in their modern language/ foreign language communication, speaking, through formative assessment. Change ACTFL proficiencies into function speaking goals to help your students speaking. Increase speaking in the classroom. Monitor the students

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Assessing Students' Modern Language Speaking Through Formative Assessment Tuttle

  1. 1. *Improving Students Modern Language Speaking through Formative Assessment Part 2 - MonitoringBy Dr. Harry Grover TuttleEdmundyeo
  2. 2. Previously Part IThe Importance of Students Speaking in ModernLanguage ClassYouTube Video
  3. 3. Mr plough
  4. 4. Freearriello
  5. 5. We want our students to do more than crawl in thetarget language.We want them to run.ACTFL has identified speaking levels from basiccrawling at the Novice level, to walking at theIntermediate level, and running at higher levels.Do your students crawl, walk or run in the targetlanguage?
  6. 6. ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines – SpeakingSuperior-level speakers :• Converse fully in formal and informal settings on topics relatedto personal, public, and professional/scholarly interestsAdvanced-level speakers :• Converse in most informal and some formal settings on topics ofpersonal and public interestIntermediate-level speakers :• participate in simple, direct conversations on generallypredictable topics related to daily activities and personalenvironmentNovice-level speakers:• respond to simple questions in memorized phrases and somepersonalized recombinations for a very limited number ofimmediate needs
  7. 7. Formative AssessmentThe process of students immediately moving forward from their presentdiagnosed learning to the expected learning goal. (Tuttle, 2010)Jill Clardy
  8. 8. Focus on improvementNot a grade
  9. 9. David Shindeld
  10. 10. David Domingo
  11. 11. Our students become stuck in their speaking andcannot get out without our giving them newspeaking strategies.We offer our students a safety rope, formativeassessment, to successfully climb up in theirspeaking.
  12. 12. Tuttle, 2009
  13. 13. Tuttle, 2009Instruction
  14. 14. Topic: FamilyLanguage function and amount/levelI can___Name ten family members.___Give the names and ages of ten family members and state their relationship to me.___Describe three of them with at least four descriptive words each.___Describe three family members likes/dislikes and favorite activities.
  15. 15. Textbooks identify vocabulary topics but notlanguage functions for the topics.“I can” statements tell what function the studentcan do and how well.Have you identified the language functions youwant your students to do for each topic?
  16. 16. Monitor Randy Cox
  17. 17. Assess speaking?Carbon nyc
  18. 18. Until students speak in the target language, we arein total darkness as to their ability.We need to monitor the students speaking.How many times each class do your studentsspeak in the target language?
  19. 19. Precise Language Goal:Which Language Function?Socialize (greetings)Give informationElaborateGive opinionsPersuadeCompareMaintain a conversation
  20. 20. Studiostoer /
  21. 21. We identify a topic and then a specific languagefunction.We give our students many classroomopportunities to speak in the target language.
  22. 22. Bibliojojo
  23. 23. We monitor their speaking.We do not try to remember their speaking scoresbased on rubric, checklist or “I can” statements.We do record their speaking in a spreadsheet tocompare to future speaking for the same languagefunction.How often do you record data about your studentsspeaking?
  24. 24. Tuttle, 2009
  25. 25. Based on ACTFL Proficiencies Includes a technique to assess the speaking of all students in your classroom in 3 minutes. Identifies 15+ language functions For each language function, provides 10+ strategies for students to use to improve. Help your students go from crawlers to runners in their target language speaking. on Education Books:
  26. 26. Harry Grover Tuttle, Ed. D.Instructor /Author/ Consultant(Speaking, Culture, Technology, Smartphones)htuttlebs@gmail.comBook: Improving Foreign Language Speaking through FormativeAssessment Spanish speaking class room activities at Teacherspayteachers: http://www.eduwithtechn.wordpress.comThis as a Youtube Video