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Initial Concept - NT


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Initial Concept - NT

  1. 1. THE NATIONAL THEATREAlexander SandersHayden Gene Simmons
  2. 2. StructureHow its changedThe development of the piece has brought the idea to consist of a moreviable structure.We have decided to break the project into four parts. Relating to the basesof our goal of exploration and art in a virtual space.This is key to attracting the user to take interest in finding the piece and alsoTo have them learn and take an interest in what to explore in the piece.
  3. 3. STRUCTUREstartEntrance area of theNational TheatreAuditoriumReceptionLocationShopRestaurantLearningWhat’s OnExhibitions MusicProductionsShow ReelReviewsBack Stage Tours
  4. 4. INTERACTIVE AD CAMPAIGNWhy?• Is the least specific out of the three digital artifacts, allowing our ideas/vision to bebroader• Include a myriad of mediums: Film, Photography, Animation, Illustration, StopMotion, Interactivity, Links• User-interactivity permits the attention of the user, allowing us to fully engage ourtarget audience• Out of the three digital artifacts, an Interactive Ad Campaign is the least usedmedium on the National Theatre website.• Is a medium that is being increasingly used within advertising – keeping up to datewith current trends
  5. 5. CONCEPTWhat Our Interactive Ad Campaign Aims To Do?• Advertise the National Theatre as a whole, not just a single production• Create a virtual space of the National Theatre in which the user will be able tointeract with and navigate through• Use existing materials which have already been provided, and our own materials tocreate, stop motion, illustration, animation, montages and remixes to inform andpromote everything the National Theatre has to offer.• The information supplied to the audience will be enough to spark there interest asto further look into what is on offer, rather than being over burdening.• Use relevant links that will connect the user to specific parts of the NationalTheatres website to support or Interactive Ad Campaign• Deliver awareness to all forms of the national theatre including sponsors and thirdparty participants.
  6. 6. MIND MAP
  7. 7. SKETCHES
  8. 8. STRUCTURECONTINUED• There will be three main parts to our Interactive Ad Campaign. The start, whichprogresses onto the reception area with no option of return. And the Auditoriumwhich can be accessed from the reception area with the option to return• The user will be able to navigate through the Interactive Ad Campaign via buttons• Each area will promote specific aspects of the National Theatre with the use of popups, photographs, audio, interactions, video remixes, animations, illustrations, textand links• Create easy to use and well indicated directions through the add, that areidentifiable and relevant to the subject matter they address or promote.