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Ch 3.2 invest 2


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Ch 3.2 invest 2

  1. 1. Chapter 3.2Investigation 2Order of OperationsLesson Goal:• You use the order of operations to evaluate expressions.• You will review how fractions bars can be used as groupingsymbols
  2. 2. Order of Operation:PEMDAS:P – evaluate expressions inside parenthesesE- simplify exponentsM- do multiplication ORD- do division from left to rightA- do addition ORS- do subtraction from left to rightUse the following phrase to remember this order:Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
  3. 3. 38 38 8040 240 4012 2 28 8 2
  4. 4. $ 1, 360
  5. 5. So that everyone evaluating the same expressionwill produce the same result.So that people can communicate mathematicallywith each with the same understanding.