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Presentation for the CoP Architecture Event, Capgemini Netherlands. Covers 9 IT Trends that impact our business over the coming years.

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  • Sometimes taxidriversalsoforgetsomething………………………….
  • By using Kapow Software's Big Data integration platform, Click A Taxi, an award-winning e-commerce platform, can automatically translate users' location into an address that's dispatched to a local taxi company. Its customers can get a taxi no matter where they are in the world without even knowing the name of the local taxi company. Kapow Software makes it possible to perform high-volume integrations across various partner systems – including restaurants, hotels and flight bookings – without depending on traditional APIs or complex integrations. Click A Taxi is disrupting the taxi industry with one of the fastest-growing mobile apps of its kind in the world.
  • Is directions version 0.4 20130423

    1. 1. Directions9 Trends that impactour businessCoP Architecture Event / 23 April 2013Har Gootzen
    2. 2. … a stuffed monkey..…
    3. 3. … a sleeping wife..…
    4. 4. … a couple of puppies…
    5. 5. 4000 Euros in cash…
    6. 6. ….. were just some personal items leftbehind in European taxi’s in 2011!Source:
    7. 7. Oh yes…..and lots of smartphones, tabletsand laptops.$7 Millionworth of (smart)phones, tablets andlaptops get lost each day worldwide
    8. 8. 11ConsumerizationofIT
    9. 9. 1ConsumerizationofITBYODDesktop VirtualizationSelf-Service PortalsEnd-User PlatformMDMMAMRole Based AccessContext AwarenessNACManaged and SecureMobilityCloud ServicesDocument SharingUnified CommunicationsCommunication andCollaborationVirtualized Utility InfrastructureConsumerization of ITUnified ApplicationIntegrationApplication VirtualizationEnterprise App StoreBYOA
    10. 10. 122CloudComputing
    11. 11. 2CloudComputingPublic CloudsCataloguesCustomerACustomerBCustomerCCustomerDCustomer A Customer B Customer C Customer DIaaSSaaSPaaSGeneric Hosting Building BlocksPrivate Clouds @CapgeminiSecurityPrivacyCloud DeliveryTraditional Services@CapgeminiTraditional Service DeliveryService OrchestrationProvisioning BillingServiceMgmtWorkflowAggregationArbitrage Intermediation
    12. 12. 2CloudComputing... An end to ”your messfor less” contracts
    13. 13. 3CyberCrime... most taxi drivers canbe trusted ...
    14. 14. 1233CyberCrime... but you better besafe than sorry!
    15. 15. 3CyberCrime
    16. 16. 3CyberCrime13.3%.... of all Dutch citizens havebeen victim of identity theftbetween 2007 and 2012
    17. 17. 3CyberCrime74 M€...was lost by Dutch banks in2011 on cyber crime
    18. 18. 3CyberCrimeTheThreath Landscapeis changingHacktivists steal more datathan criminals!
    19. 19. security modelsare required.
    20. 20. up to35%... of helpdesk calls concernpassword resets4Next-Gen.ServiceDesk
    21. 21. 4Next-Gen.ServiceDesk41%... of young employees prefer digital contact abovepersonal contact or phone call(PWC research, 2011)
    22. 22. 4Next-Gen.ServiceDesk1234.. the way customers want to usethe helpdesk is changing….
    23. 23. 4Next-Gen.ServiceDeskHelpdesk Calls20-35%(Password/Security)27-43%(How To)12-25%(outage)5-18%(IMAC)5-22%(Service Requests)10-20%(Break / Fix)Social media /Crowdsourcing /KnowledgemanagementPassword self-service /Knowledge ManagementService Request Portal/Self-ServiceSocial Media /Crowdsourcing,KnowledgeManagementSelf-healingInfrastructuresBYOD / Virtual Desktops BYODBYOD
    24. 24. 5EnterpriseAppStores30%.. more rides for cabbiesthanks to Hailo.
    25. 25. 5EnterpriseAppStoresBy 2015 the ratio betweenmobile app and traditionalapplication development will be
    26. 26. 123455EnterpriseAppStores
    27. 27. 5EnterpriseAppStoresDevicesmobile(Mobile) Device MgmtDevice ProvisioningConfigurationApp removalLock and wipeBackup and RestoreDevice AuthenticationPassword MgmtAppsEnterprise App StoreDirectoryUser profilesApproval & SubmissionApply Usage RulesUser AuthenticationApp UpdatesPush Services
    28. 28. 6InternetofThingsGoogle…… wants to put taxidrivers out of their job.
    29. 29. 6InternetofThings Wireless sensor networks driveIPv6
    30. 30. 6InternetofThings546 Million…… Internet users live in China
    31. 31. 6InternetofThings12345http6
    32. 32. 6InternetofThings
    33. 33. 7BigData.. Big Data is everywhere.Click-A-Taxi covers 5000cities / 300000 taxi’s
    34. 34. 7BigData123457http6…..65% more data is stored eachyear!
    35. 35. 7BigDataIsn’t it great. Wehave to pay nothingfor the barn!Yeah, and even thefood is free!If you don’t pay for it, probablyyou are the product!
    36. 36. 7BigData90%… of crop losses are due to weather. BigData solutions can reduce this with 25%.
    37. 37. 8DataCenterNetworking12357http684
    38. 38. 8DataCenterNetworkingStorage Migration ServiceActive – Active StorageReplication ServiceVM Migration ServiceDistributed VirtualApplication ServicePrivate Cloud@Capgemini DC’sPublic CloudCustomer DC
    39. 39. 8DataCenterNetworkingScalability… is the keyword.
    40. 40. 8DataCenterNetworkingNetwork VirtualizationSecurity VirtualizationAbstractionphysical networkPoolingServiceinsertionIDS/IPS Encryption MonitoringAntiVirusWANOptimizationVirtual Data CenterSoftware Defined Data Center ServicesAutomationVirtualMachineVirtualMachineVirtualMachineVirtualStorageVirtualStorage
    41. 41. 9RightShoringNext-Gen.50%… of our colleagues will be in offshorelocations by 2015.
    42. 42. 9RightShoringNext-Gen.
    43. 43. 9RightShoringNext-Gen.…. Porsche will sell more cars inChina than anywhere elseby 2015
    44. 44. 9RightShoringNext-Gen.DowntimeHuman ErrorOtherAutomation… is the answer.
    45. 45. You talking to me?1237http68495
    46. 46. The information contained in this presentation is proprietary.© 2012 Capgemini. All rights reserved.www.capgemini.comAbout CapgeminiWith more than 120,000 people in 40 countries, Capgemini is oneof the worlds foremost providers of consulting, technology andoutsourcing services. The Group reported 2011 global revenuesof EUR 9.7 billion.Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and deliversbusiness and technology solutions that fit their needs and drivethe results they want. A deeply multiculturalorganization, Capgemini has developed its own way ofworking, the Collaborative Business ExperienceTM, and draws onRightshore ®, its worldwide delivery model.Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini