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The Facts about GMOs


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Read the facts about GMOs, what they are and what you can do about it.

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The Facts about GMOs

  1. 1. GMO FACTS presented David Orman
  2. 2. What are GMOs?GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms,” areplants or animals created through the process ofgene splicing. These techniques of biotechnologyare also known as genetic engineering.It is experimental technology which merges DNAfrom different species. The end result is unstablecombinations of plant, animal, bacterial and viralgenes that do not occur naturally to any degree.In other words, they are not, nor ever will be foundin Nature.
  3. 3. NOTEA large and growing body of scientific datashows a direct correlation between GMOconsumed substances with major, deadlyhealth problems.In addition there are also adverse effects tothe environment, some of which may irre-versible.
  4. 4. What About Safety?Most scientists not associated with companies thatmanufacture GMO products do NOT considerthem to be safe to any degree. In more than 60countries, GMO substances are BANNED or atleast restricted due to the major health risks.
  5. 5. In America. . .In America, the government has approved GMOsand the current president has signed various billsprotecting corporations that produce them.The corporations claim GMOs are safe and basedon studies conducted by the IDENTICAL compan-ies, US goverments has approved them .Nevertheless, a growing number of people are re-cognizing the best Health Care is Self Care andare not only avoiding such products, but are put-ting pressure on government to reverse its policy.
  6. 6. GMOs and LabelingPeople want to know which foods areGMOs and which are not. They wantchoice.However, labelling of GMOs is not manitory.Many people are not aware of GMOs.
  7. 7. Are GMOs Common?In America, GMOs are in as much as 80%of conventional processed food despite thefact that virtually the SAME percentage ofpeople oppose GMOs.
  8. 8. Myths and Truths Here are a sample of myths and truths about GMOs from world renowned expert, Dr. Micahel Antoniou:Myth: Genetic engineering is just an extension of natural breedingTruth: Genetic engineering is different from natural breeding andposes special risksMyth: Genetic engineering is precise and the results are predictableTruth: Genetic engineering is crude and imprecise, and the results areunpredictable
  9. 9. Myth: GM foods are strictly regulated for safetyTruth: GM food regulation in most countries varies from non-existent to weakMyth: GM foods are safe to eatTruth: Studies show that GM foods can be toxic or allergenicMyth: EU research shows GM foods are safeTruth: EU research shows evidence of harm from GM foods
  10. 10. Myth: Genetic engineering will deliver more nutritious cropsTruth: No GM crop that is more nutritious than its non-GMcounterpart has been commercialized and many GMOs are lessnutritiousMyth: GM crops increase yield potentialTruth: GM crops do not increase yield potential – and in many casesdecrease itMyth: GM crops decrease pesticide useTruth: GM crops increase pesticide use
  11. 11. These are just a small sampling of the Factsabout GMOs.
  12. 12. What Can Be Done● Refuse GMOs whenever possible.● Insist your local grocery provide non GMO foods● Pass along information and educate as many as possible● Let your politicians know you will NOT support them if they support GMOs
  13. 13.