4 Major Exercises for Hormonal Balancing, Burning Fat and Looking Great


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Here are 4 major exercises to help the body regulate the major hormones, lose fat and turn back the aging clock.

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4 Major Exercises for Hormonal Balancing, Burning Fat and Looking Great

  1. 1. 4 Major Exercises to Hormonal Regulation and Fat Burning By Dr. David Orman DocWellnessWorld.com
  2. 2. Why Balance Hormones? There is something about balancing hormonal levels that turns back the aging clock, helps you look great and perhaps most importantly, feel like a million bucks. The sequence is this - the more the major hormones are balanced, the more energy you have. The more energy you have, the more active you will be. The more active you will be, the more balanced your hormones will be. And so the cycles goes.
  3. 3. What Can I Do? ● In addition to exceptional formulas like Doc Wellness Formula which will increase growth hormone and help to balance the entire hormonal system, there are more physical ways to balance the endocrine (hormonal) system. Here are the best 4 exercises to help you achieve just that.
  4. 4. Exercise 1 ● 1. Deadlift. This is the best of the best of compound moves; it hits every muscle, particularly the abdominal muscles. It also helps to release fat burning HGH. Push your hips forwards to lift the bar as slowly but with clear intent. Keep looking forward. Vary speed. The "up" direction is more important than lowering.
  5. 5. Exercise 2 ● 2. Bench Press or Push Ups. Lower the bar to your chest and gather your energy. Press toward the ceiling. Again, vary speed over time. This producing significant amounts of lactic acid in your shoulders and arms, immediately improving testosterone and HGH levels, burning fat in the process.
  6. 6. Exercise 3 ● 3. Tabatas. The most challenging of them all, Tabatas this will elicit a powerful metabolic response, sending endorphins and other hormonal responses to your system, strengthening the skin's collagen bonds, burning fat and improving cardiovascular health. The sequence is this -- For 20 seconds, run as if a pit pull is chasing you, recoup for 10 seconds and repeat. Work you way up to 8 sets (a set is 20 on/10 recoup). Twice a week is ideal.
  7. 7. Exercise 4 ● 4. Military Press. Hold the barbell at the front of the shoulders. Lift up as if you are going to the ceiling. Feel free to use the legs as well, which makes it more of a full body movement. This increases your core temperature, increasing production of the pheromones, the "I look good" hormone.
  8. 8. Additional Info ● Here are the 4 best. Coupled with a high quality diet rich in proteins, vegetables and a little fruit, along with a personalized nutrition protocol featuring Doc Wellness Formula, you are well on your way to the ideal physique, enhanced spirits and an overall great life!
  9. 9. Thank You ● ** This article was re-published with permission from: http://docwellnessformula.com/4-exercises-to-boo
  10. 10. About The Author ● Dr. David Orman is the developer of Doc Wellness Formula™, the country's finest herbal anti aging formula. He is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Expert and Educator. Aside from being a formula creator, he is also a Speaker, Health Coach and Writer. Dr. Orman is also known as “Doc Wellness” from his very popular alternative medicine blog, and other social networks such as 18,000 followers on Twitter alone.