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Published in: Travel, Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. The Legendary Cruise Line Cody B. and Yashesh P. Captain Homer Odyssey
  2. 2. Troy Here we are going to have a wooden horse building competition. After that we will dress as Greeks and attack a metal gate. The first one to build and knock the gate down wins.
  3. 3. Ismarus You are going to be equipped with water guns. The best part is that it is kids vs. adults. The point of this activity is to “kill” the other opponent.
  4. 4. Land of the Lotus Eaters Now you are going to have another competition to see who makes the best “lotus flower” cake. The top three people who win will get an extended free trip for ten days. We hope you will want to stay longer.
  5. 5. Cyclopes’ Land Today for the menu, we will be having eyeball soup. Preferably, Cyclops’ eyes.
  6. 6. Aeolus’ Island Today, on this beautiful day, we stopped at Aeolus’ Island. We will be zip lining towards Ithaca because we have a surprise waiting for you there at this very moment. If you come back, don’t complain because the wind probably got in the way.
  7. 7. Land of the Laestrygones Welcome to dinner! Today’s special is human meat. We hope you will enjoy your meal.
  8. 8. Aeaea In the theater you will be watching a famous magician. He will turn ordinary people into pigs, and turn them back on one condition, you have to watch the R rated movie.
  9. 9. The Land of the Dead Welcome to the R rated movie. This movie is shown in 3D. Children are not allowed in the movie theater. You may recognize people that you once knew in the movie.
  10. 10. Sirens We are going to have a boat race. Each “metal” boat will have to go past the island with a boom box playing. If your boat crashes you lose the race. The first to make it past the rocks wins!
  11. 11. Scylla and Charybdis Today for the kids to have fun, we will be watching the classic, The Little Mermaid.
  12. 12. ThrinaciaOn the menu today, we will have no cow on the menu. So if you like beef everyday, then this is the day not to eat anything.
  13. 13. Ogygia If you are wanting to get married today, today is the day to do so. So grab your fiancé and get married today!
  14. 14. Phaeacia All the kids will be writing how fantastic their adventures were on the Legendary Cruise Line, and then they will share what they wrote on their papers with their friends.
  15. 15. Ithaca For our final activity that we will be doing is having little sword fights with balloons and rubber sticks etc. Also, we have face paint to color our faces to look like warriors.
  16. 16. I really hope everyone had a wonderful and really amusing time on the beautiful Legendary Cruise Line. If you have any questions or statements about the cruise, go see Captain Homer Odyssey. We hope to see you again. Bye!