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iSummit Programme as at 18 Jun 08


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The latest version of the iSummit 08 programme.

Published in: Technology, Sports

iSummit Programme as at 18 Jun 08

  1. 1. The world’s most dynamic community pioneering the growth of global digital culture comes to Japan 29 July - 1 August, 2008 Version 2.0 - Mar 2008
  2. 2. Once a year, people from around the world come together to talk about a free culture for all on the Internet
  3. 3. Artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, philosophers, lawyers, activists, technologists, educators and free-thinkers from all continents
  4. 4. And in this mountain of difference, there is one ideal that we share:
  5. 5. A free digital culture
  6. 6. A digital culture Where creativity is compensated
  7. 7. A digital culture That continues the free sharing of knowledge and creativity that built the first Internet
  8. 8. In 2005, the iSummit was born at the Berkman Center, Harvard University: birthplace of Creative Commons and of new ideals of Net politics and culture Pic by creative commons on Flickr, CC BY
  9. 9. In 2006, the iSummit moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: a country breaking new ground in the development of digital cultural production as a sustainable community resource. Pic by Fred Benenson on Flickr, CC BY SA
  10. 10. In 2007, the iSummit was held in Dubrovnik, Croatia - a city that has redefined freedom and independence throughout history Pic by Fred Benenson on Flickr, CC BY SA
  11. 11. This year, the iSummit comes to Sapporo City, Japan - the Ideas City - host to the International Short Film Festival, and quickly becoming recognised as a hub for creativity and technology.
  12. 12. iSummit 2008 promises to the be the most innovative iSummit yet - drawing from the expertise of independent creative communities from around the world to produce four days of exploration, debate and a celebration of the opportunities presented by the digital revolution Kevin Driscoll & Jaroslaw Lipszyc by mecredis: CC BY SA Blog TV by MildlyDiverting: CC BY-NC-SA
  13. 13. 1. Keynotes from the world’s leading thinkers in commons-based community governance and the cultural commons pic by joi ito on flickr CC BY
  14. 14. Joi Ito On digital innovation Joichi Ito by Gyllene Skor CC BY-NC 2125923551/
  15. 15. David Wiley A celebration of 10 years of open content from the originator of the first open content license David Wiley on Flickr by unumediastudio CC BY-NC-SA
  16. 16. Erin McKean On language as the ultimate commons Erin McKean at TED on Flick by Neil Hunt
  17. 17. Jessica Powell On a global reading culture from Google Literacy Project
  18. 18. Rishab Ghosh How people and companies are able to innovate together
  19. 19. 2. LABS Working tracks that run throughout the iSummit where iSummit Tribes gather together to discuss, debate and develop resources that grow the cultural commons in ways that create wealth and sustainability for all. Pic on Flickr by hfordsa BB VY SA
  20. 20. LABS 2.1 the first interdisciplinary by mecredis CC BY SA research workshop on free culture the economic, political and social implications of free culture Cory Doctorow by mecredis CC BY SA
  21. 21. highlights • Yochai Benkler: ‘Social cooperation and the production and distribution of creative works’ • Irene Cassarino and Wolf Richter: ‘Lessons Learnt from Implementing an Open Licensing Model in Distributed Film Production - The case of “A Swarm of Angels”’
  22. 22. LABS 2.2 LABS open business commons-based approaches to business and how to use cc + copyright licences to enable artists and companies to be compensated Jump! by ph1337 at Flickr CC BY-NC-SA
  23. 23. participating orgs and projects • CC+ (Creative Commons) • Jamendo • ...and then we win • Aviary • Digital Garage • Kennisland • Qwartz • Free Beer
  24. 24. highlights • ‘Mars landing: how collecting societies have opened’ • Open business think tank - getting people together to talk about what makes open business
  25. 25. LABS LABS 2.3 open education Open Education reportback by creativecommoners CC BY a community at the cutting edge of new ways to learn and share in the Information Age by mecredis CC BY SA
  26. 26. participating orgs and projects • ccLearn • COSL - The Center for Open, Sustainable Learning • OOPS - Opensource Opencourseware Prototype System • ISKME - The Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education • Free Textbooks Project • Vietnam OpenCourseWare Program • The Shuttleworth Foundation
  27. 27. highlights • copyright - What copyright criteria need to be fulfilled to ‘do’ open education? • community - How do open education communities build content together? • dissemination - How can textbook publishers help the open education movement while still helping themselves?
  28. 28. LABS 2.4 LABS access to knowledge global commons drawing from the practice of peer production in a variety access to medicine of cultural and economic contexts From top: Pic by Mosa'ed Al Shati CC BY NC SA, by Amit Gupta CC BY, by Jimmy local digital creativity Wales, CC BY-SA 3.0 all on
  29. 29. participating orgs and projects • Global Voices • Vintage Pattern Wiki • Open Democracy • Overmundo • Wikipedia • Knowledge Ecology International • Fundação Getulio Vargas • The Association for Progressive • Alternative Law Forum Communications (APC) • Pratham Books • Connexions
  30. 30. highlights • How to do “Open publishing” • Copyright and copyleft in the public sector - case studies from Australia to Amsterdam. • A multi-lingual Internet - possibilities through peer production
  31. 31. LABS 2.5 LABS DIY Video video creation by the world’s leading figures in activist and citizen-driven video production and distribution pics by unumediastudio on flickr CC BY NC SA
  32. 32. participating orgs and projects • 24/7 DIY Video Summit • Norman Lear Center, USC • Global Lives • Stanford Law Clinic • Dotsub • Video Slam
  33. 33. highlights • Mimi Ito: ‘An introduction to DIY Video’ screening and discussion • Jean-Baptiste Souffron: ‘Manga Business Models’ • Managing the copyright of open video projects - workshop
  34. 34. LABS 2.6 Frontiers of openness in Japan Pic by creativecommonsjp on Flickr, CC BY
  35. 35. participating orgs and projects • Digital Content • Nifty Association of Japan • Japanese • Institute of Information OpenCourseWare Security Consortium • Niwango • FTEXT • Japan Research Institute • BCCKS • Hokkaido University • Waseda University • Keio University • Mitsubishi UFJ
  36. 36. highlights • An introduction to the commons’ featuring Lawrence Lessig, Joi Ito and Ronaldo Lemos • C-Shirt Workshops • Nifty Video Workshop • Hiroaki Kitano
  37. 37. 3. Interactive
  38. 38. A free culture house DJs spinning the free culture decks, Sapporo resident volunteers teaching the ancient art of calligraphy and participants hanging out all in an interactive coffee bar! Fred Benenson at iSummit 08 Planning Workshop by iPhilipp on Flickr 2199094175/ CC BY
  39. 39. Exhibitions and installations Global Lives installation at by volunteer artists and curators MTAA
  40. 40. Second Life A parallel virtual iSummit in Second Life Keynote Session 1 by uscpublicdiplomacy: Attribution-NoDerivatives 2.0
  41. 41. 4. Evening events A jam-packed social programme that explores the old and the new of Japanese innovation and culture samba night at icommons summit 06 by Fred Benenson on Flickr CC BY-SA
  42. 42. Evening events 4.1 Okurayama Ski Jump iSummit kick-off event at the site of the 1972 Winter Olympics All pics by hford on flickr CC BY SA
  43. 43. Evening events 4.2 Concert pic by msabbath on Flickr CC BY
  44. 44. Evening events 4.3 Reception by the Mayor of Sapporo The Sushi Project and ccJapan video sharing awards
  45. 45. Evening events 4.4 Picnic at Moerenuma Park From
  46. 46. 5. The road to the iSummit The iSummit is more than just an event. It is the result of almost 12 months of sharing knowledge and expertise among the four core partners from South Africa and Japan - and many more friends of the iSummit. civil society government private sector
  47. 47. Critical players in the global media landscape
  48. 48. Will you be a part of that change? Submit proposals for participation, sponsorship and friendship on 29 July - 1 August, 2008
  49. 49. Credits This keynote is licensed by iCommons ( under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 South Africa license