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8 can the climate change


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8 can the climate change

  1. 1. Can Our Climate Change?
  2. 2. Lesson Objectives• To know our climate does change• To understand this is the result of both human and physical reasons• To be able to develop an opinion on who is to blame
  3. 3. Temperatures• Temperature rising, Interactive : here• You will see different line graphs• For EACH one describe the trend• when was it the highest?• When was is the lowest?• What does it start on?• What does it finish on?
  4. 4. Who is to blame for thetemperature increase?
  5. 5. Solar Activity • Also how much heat the sun gives us changes, a ffecting our climate • here
  6. 6. The Earth’s Orbit • How close to the sun we are affects our climate • here
  7. 7. Tectonic Movements • Movements in the earth’s tectonic plates will change the ocean currents. This in turn will change the climate of some areas. • here
  8. 8. Volcanic Activity • Volcanoes erupt on a regular basis • They blast ash and dust into our atmosphere, refle cting the sun’s energy • They also release huge quantities of CO² • here
  9. 9. Reflection from the ice• Huge ice sheets can cover large areas of the Earth. The white colour reflects the sun’s energy• here
  10. 10. Industrial activity • Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere • They are used in power stations to createFossil fuels are coal, gas and oil electricityThey are the remains of living plants and • Hereanimals from millions of years agoBurning them releases that stored CO²
  11. 11. Transport • Cars, trains, planes all use fuel • Fuel is made from oil • Using transport that runs on petrol or diesel releases huge quantities of CO²
  12. 12. Human activity • Humans breath in oxygen, but breathe out carbon dioxide • There are more humans on the planet than have ever lived before • Over 7 billion people!
  13. 13. Plenary• Who is to blame?• You decide• Write a paragraph stating, now that you have seen the evidence, who you believe is to blame for our rising temperatures