3 negative effects of climate change


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3 negative effects of climate change

  1. 1. Negative Effects of Climate Change
  2. 2. Learning Objectives•Explain how a changing climate could affectfarming and crop yields.•Describe changes in sea level recently and inthe future.•Know some of the global impacts of sea-levelrise.•Use an example to show what the impact ofsea-level rise could be locally.•Know the impacts of retreating glaciers.
  3. 3. Negative Effects of Climate Change• Quiz – think you know about global warming?• Greenhouse effect video, BBC Bitesize• The Gaurdian• Temperatures rising interactive: here
  4. 4. Negative Impacts of Climate Change• Changing Patterns of crop yields – Equatorial countries will suffer a decrease in crop production due to longer periods of drought – Tanzania and Mozambique will have shorter growing seasons – India could lose 50% of available agricultural land due to desertification – OXFAM – Expansion of the Sahara Desert
  5. 5. Rising sea levels• UK 5,000 years ago• Between 1993 and 2006 sea levels rose by 3.3mm• If this continues it could result in 88cm by the end of the century• Low lying coastal areas and cities are at risk of flooding, including London• Pacific islands are already being affected by rising sea levels• Maldives• Sea levels map• Interactive: here
  6. 6. Sea level rise
  7. 7. Retreating Glaciers• BBC Glacial retreat• Most world glaciers are retreating, thought to be because of rising temperatures• Glaciers at the poles are melting and this could affect ocean currents• Arctic melting could divert the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic, leading to colder temperatures in northern Europe• Arctic Sea Ice
  8. 8. HOMEWORK TASK• Use an example to show what the impact of sea-level rise could be locally.• The Gaurdian• Use this website to find an example of what the impact of sea-level rise would be to the UK• Use the same website to find an example of one other country that is will be effected. Describe how this country will be effected.LABEL
  9. 9. Negative effects of UK climate change
  10. 10. Using UKCIP02 predictions
  11. 11. Are there any benefits for the UK?Warmer temperatures in the UK will be welcomed by many people and may also bringopportunities: Tourism may increase due to warmer temperatures, bringing economic benefits. Nice weather may mean people participate in more outdoor activities, improving their health. It may be possible to grow new crops such as grapes, sweetcorn and sunflowers.
  12. 12. Positive or negative effects?
  13. 13. Task: Label the changes on this map
  14. 14. Rank them in order of importance(1=most, 8=least)In your books:- Determine any PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, ECONOMIC and POLITICAL impacts
  15. 15. Reporting climate change