1. motivation


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1. motivation

  2. 2. Specification Detail Motivation theory – the significance of motivation in the workplace, with specific focus on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and its potential in organisations The idea that motivation comes from within
  3. 3. Lesson Objectives To understand the importance of motivation To know how to motivate your employees
  4. 4. Clips Motivating staff: Here BBC Bitesize, Motivation: Here
  5. 5.  What are you motivated by?? Getting good grades to get into university? Getting a good job? Proving to yourself or someone else that you CAN DO IT? Think about it … what motivates you
  6. 6. Does Money Motivate? Why would a business want to motivate staff? With the person next to you evaluate if paying someone more money will fulfil your reasons for wanting to motivate staff.
  7. 7. Maslow – ‘hierarchy of needs’ Abraham Maslow (1908 – 1970): motivation comes from meeting unsatisfied needs Once a need is satisfied it ceases to motivate and the next, higher need motivates Only an unsatisfied need can motivate behaviour
  8. 8. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Realising your own dreams and potential Recognition, acknowledgement and rewards Contact and friendship with fellow workers Safe and non-threatening work environment and job security Ability to acquire food, shelter, clothing and other basics
  9. 9. Maslow Maslow identified a hierarchy of needs: physiological; safety; social; esteem; self- actualisation The first three are lower order needs; these are satisfied from the context within which the work is undertaken The last two are higher order needs; these are met through the content of the work
  10. 10. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs How would the manger of manager interpret Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? How a company might meet each of the level of needs?
  11. 11. How businesses might meetMaslow’s needs Physiological needs: ◦ Employees need to be paid adequately so they can provide for basic needs e.g. food, water Safety needs: ◦ Shelter, safety e.g. mortgages, life insurance ◦ Pay must enable employee to pay rent/mortgage, feel income is secure
  12. 12. How businesses might meet Maslow’s needs Social needs: ◦ Employees need social contact through friendship with colleagues, working in teams etc Esteem: ◦ A business offers prospects & promotion ◦ Employees have opportunity to show they are capable Self-actualisation: ◦ Employee has the opportunity to become everything he/she has wanted to become e.g. the boss
  13. 13. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Modcloth : Here How would the manger of manager interpret Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? List how Modcloth company might meet each of the level of needs
  14. 14. Reasons to motivate Using one sentence, for each reason state how the following factors could be improved through motivating staff. 1. Productivity 2. Absenteeism 3. Quality 4. Turnover 5. Training & Recruitment
  15. 15.  Question: (you will have 20 minutes to complete in as much detail as possible) Evaluate how important it is to have a well motivated work force. (8 marks)  Productivity  Absenteeism  Quality  Turnover  Training & Recruitment