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Sample Trade Show Marketing Recap


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Sample Trade Show Marketing Recap

  1. 1. College Fest 2007 Created By Jamie Slaughter | |
  2. 2. EVENT STATISTICS WHAT: College Fest 2007 WHEN: Saturday & Sunday, September 22nd & 23rd 2007 WHERE: Boston, MA CASES OF FUZE: 100 Cases of 18 oz. Bottles REACH: 170+ Vendors 15,000+ College Students FUZE raffled FUZE backpacks, T-shirts, and visors! The FUZE raffle begins. Notice the crowd around the FUZE table. Created By Jamie Slaughter | |
  3. 3. EVENT STATISTICS The FUZE area was a 10x10 corner booth area. FUZE was one of the hottest areas at College Fest 2007. Located on the FUZE tables was a FUZE sticker bowl, raffle ticket ballot box, staff recruitment sign, FACT Sheet, and FUZE !! Students wanted everything FUZE, even pole huggers for their dorm walls! Created By Jamie Slaughter | |
  4. 4. SAMPLING LOCATION The FUZE sampling area was located on the corner of a high traffic area near the ONLY entrance & exit. The FUZE staff were loaded with welcoming smiles and so much energy that People were drawn to the FUZE tent. Several college students inquired about sampling positions after reading the FUZE staff recruitment sign. Corner booth, 2 sampling tables, maximum exposure! Created By Jamie Slaughter | |
  5. 5. SAMPLING LOCATION The FUZE was a brightly Colored, attractive area with high traffic all day on both days. Notice the FUZE backpack, visors, & T-shirts for the raffle strategically hung! Created By Jamie Slaughter | |
  6. 6. SAMPLING IN ACTION Many students said that they are fans of FUZE. Students were excited to sample flavors that they didn’t know about prior to College Fest. Created By Jamie Slaughter | |
  7. 7. SAMPLING IN ACTION All of the FUZE flavors were popular at College Fest. Many students were pleased that FUZE is a healthy choice since they liked the flavor choices. Created By Jamie Slaughter | |
  8. 8. SAMPLING IN ACTION Created By Jamie Slaughter | |
  9. 9. SAMPLING IN ACTION FUZE was sampled and shared. Word spread, and everyone was asking for full bottles all day! Students wanted to know the different locations that they could purchase FUZE. Created By Jamie Slaughter | |
  10. 10. CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT FUZE consumers are proud of their backsides. FUZE flavor stickers and bumper stickers were very popular, especially the FUZE “Proud of Our Backside” stickers. Many students wore the stickers all day and were mobile advertisements! Parisa from MTV’s“The Real World Australia” poses with the FUZE “Proud of Our Backside” sticker. Created By Jamie Slaughter | |
  11. 11. CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT FUZE stickers were very popular as clothing accessories. Created By Jamie Slaughter | |
  12. 12. Breakdancers, NBA Boston Celtics Dance Team, Parisa, & Issac (notice the requested flavors on his table). CELEBRITIES & ENTERTAINERS FUZE was the beverage of Choice for celebrities and entertainers. The Boston Celtics NBA Cheerleaders enjoyed FUZE Slenderize. Issac from MTV’s “The Real World” preferred Refresh and Vitalize. When given FUZE , Parisa From MTV’s “The Real World” requested Slenderize Tangerine – Grapefruit and said that she loves it! Created By Jamie Slaughter | |