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Powerpoint game


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This is my powerpoint game for assignment 2. I will use this site to upload my game into my blog.

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Powerpoint game

  1. 1. Powerpoint Game By Chelsea Oliver START
  2. 2. When is it appropriate to use smileys? In formal emails On a CV for a job interview In emails to friends In formal letters
  3. 3. What body language is suitable for a formal job interview? Hands behind head An open posture, without arms crossed Crossed arms with a closed posture Slouching in the chair
  4. 4. How can you engage an audience? Do a dance Sing a song Change the tone of your voice Read a poem
  5. 5. There are 3 types of questions –open, closed and …..? What is the third? Likert questions Like question Right questions Left questions
  6. 6. What is the point of proof-reading? To find what colour font you should use To see if there are any mistakes, i.e. spelling or grammar that you couldn’t see beforehand just yourself To read your textTo find out what size text to use
  7. 7. What kind of language is there?Happy and sad Angry and enthusiastic Positive and negative Rude and not rude
  8. 8. Why don’t Americans shake hands for several minutes, like Africans do?The other business-person may considerit to be a sexual attraction They may think shaking hands is stupid Hand-shaking is too professional They always have sweaty palms
  9. 9. In Africa, a limp handshake is thecorrect handshake to use. What does it mean to American’s? It is a sign that they believe in the African culture It is a sign that they are secretly African It is a sign of homosexuality or wimpiness It is a sign they dislike other Americans
  10. 10. When a person only skimmed through the presentation, and you didn’t catch something that might be important – what can you use to get this? Adapting to suit an audience Cultural differences Question and answer Techniques and cues
  11. 11. How can you prevent being called a liar?Engage the audience so they know what you are saying Make sure there are no cultural differences Make sure you are accurate, and don’t stretch the truth too much Ask if there are any questions at the end to clear things up
  12. 12. What should you prevent using in a speech? Jargon Bad body language Swearing Spelling mistakes
  13. 13. What can you use to modify your voice during a speech? A microphone A mobile phone Voice changing sweets A special pair of shoes
  14. 14. What sorts of methods can you use for someone who is deaf, during your speech? Subtitles Sign language Give them some headphones Shouting really loudly until they can hear you
  15. 15. What sorts of methods can you use for someone who is visually impaired? Talk more Give them some headphones and give them visual audio description Give them glasses Don’t worry about them, just concentrate everyone else
  16. 16. What is another word for a conversation? A verbal exchange Chatting to each other Having a discussion Two (or more) people talking
  17. 17. What is good about the use of intonation?It can convey emotion through speech It shows you know what you’re talking about You look smart Nothing, you shouldn’t use it
  18. 18. “Leaning towards someone when they speak” – is this positive or negative language? Positive Negative Both Neither
  19. 19. “Cutting in when someone else istalking” – is this positive or negative language? Positive Negative Both Neither
  20. 20. How is nodding an active engagement? It looks like you’re listening You are hearing what is being said and are taking note It’s sarcastically done Just because it is
  21. 21. How are summarizing and paraphrasing useful?Because you don’t have to listen to very much Because they take less time Because it is easier than remembering every little detail Because it shows you have been listening to everything
  22. 22. Which group are three examples of barriers to communication? Not listening, distracted and hating the person Being foreign, watching TV and being deaf Being distracted, background noises and ignoring the speakerBeing distracted, background noises and lack of concentration
  23. 23. “Are you okay?” – what type of question is this? Open Closed Likert Probing
  24. 24. If you asked that question (“Are you okay?”) and they replied with something such as “No” andyou ask a second question such as “What’s up?” – What is this second question called? Open Closed Probing Likert
  25. 25. Why is grammar important when sending a formal email?Because people might not understand it Because it might be in a confusing order Because grammar just is important Because it is a lot more formal if you can use proper grammar and the email itself looks a lot more formal too
  26. 26. Why is good spelling important when sending a formal letter? So you can understand itSo that the other person will be able to understand what youmean clearly So it looks betterSo there are no confusions or complicationswhen reading
  27. 27. Why is structure needed in an urgent email?So that the receiver knows its meant to be sent to them So the receiver knows the email isn’t spam So that the receivers understanding is aided whilst reading Because it looks neater
  28. 28. How can relevance be identifiedquickly when receiving an email? With a good structure so important facts can be picked out quickly By reading it By looking at the sender Reading the subject that the sender put
  29. 29. What are examples of alternative viewpoints?Yes and no Pro’s and con’s Who is wrong and who is right? Different views on one subject
  30. 30. Why is note taking important in the workplace? So you know what you need to do Summarizing on what people have told youYou might need to edit internal/external documents before sendingthem on So you can re-write them up on the computer
  31. 31. Besides at the start of the sentence, when else should you use capitalisation?For names For towns/cities For pronouns and abbreviations All the time
  32. 32. Well done youhave completed the quiz!
  33. 33. Sorry that’s the wrong answer!Try Again? Finish