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Smart libraries, smart classrooms
Judy O’Connell
Information Literacy / ...
O’Connell, J. (2011) “Chang...
Rethinking your library
Let’s talk about my favourites!
21 C teacher librarian
flickr photo by giulia.forsythe shared under a Creativ...
Davies, A., Fidler, D., & Gorbis, M. (2011). Future work skills 2020.
Evolving Learning Landscape
Current thinking about 21st century skills, and the learning
experiences that support their de...
In talking about school libraries and the
essential paradigm shift that is taking place,
Stanley (2011) highlights three a...
A crowdsourced
collection of over 100
essays from around
the world about trends...
The leadership challenges are out there .....
Hidden treasures in
The Scout Report is the flagship publication
of the Internet Scout Research Group.
Published every Friday both on the Web a...
exemplary use of
social media,
search engines,
and collaborative
research strat...
The OZTL_NET Discussion List is an email-based forum
for information professionals working in Australi...
Create a complete web site for your library., and
Generally thought of as a blogging...
Then consider your
social media presence!
School library web presences
Flipboard Magazine
Curriculum projects
The focus of the project was to facilitate deeper learning in our students by creating an
‘authentic l...
Curriculum projects
Each boy received a forensic workbook –
containing a range of materials for
examination such as crime ...
Curriculum projects
O’Connell, J. (2011). Body in the Library': A cross-curriculum transliteracy project, in
L.Marquardt &...
Images with Flickr
flickr photo by robynejay shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license
Images with Flickr
flickr photo by teachingsagittarian shared under ...
FlickrCC attribution helper
• Post photos of school & community events.
• Create a school group on Flickr for students & staff to share photos
of even...
Global Images
The key goal of The Commons is to share hidden treasures
from the world's public photography archives.
Spell with Flickr
Find free images online
PhotoPin – My first stop for photo searching. Very ...
Creative Commons
Creative Commons licensing allows for reuse of a image
(and other intellectual content) under certain con...
Creative commons
licenses work as “some
rights reserved rule
instead of “all rights
reserved” rule.
Diverse set of license...
Explore it all!
Europeana enables people to explore the digital resources of
Europe's museums, libraries, archives and audio-visual collec...
Digital curation and organisation
flickr photo by JB London shared under a Cre...
Digital content curation
The benefits of
content curation
is that you don’t
re-invent the
wheel - you
Model the futu...
‘crap’ detection
cc licensed flickr photo by selva:
Re-thing what ‘collection’ of information means,
thereby supporting personalised and collaborative
information seeking and...
Sharing Your Know-How: No one can be an expert on everything, but we all
have things that we’re passionate about and perha...
Digital content curation
There are many popular tools. View this
excellent video!
Diigo is a social bookmarking site that allows users to collect bookmarks, annotate
them and share to groups or lists.
Create resource guides
Feedly is a great RSS feed reader to help you monitor lots of resources quickly.
Smore or Tackk wor...
Diigo Group
Quick Response Code
2D Barcode
- Stores more data than
Low technology investment
Scan by smart phones/devices
Lead to imag...
Mobile phone with camera
Treasure/Scavenger H...	
Periodic Table of QR codes
A URL shortener is an online application that converts a regular URL (the
web address that starts with http://) into its c...
Google URL Shortener
This is a popular shortening tool and probably the best online. It
not only shortens your URLs but al...
URL Shortner
Evernote in education Flipboard Magazine
Share your notebooks!
StoryBird – Provides beautiful graphics to inspire your stories. Arrange the
images as you wish, add text to tell your sto...
The steps on this PDF take you through just how you do this (click here)
More on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.c...
Rethinking your library
The journey has just begun!
Reading, writing, gaming, trans-media, immersive
worlds, and augmented reality, are all part of the new
digital frontiers ...
It makes sense to interact both synchronously and
asynchronously, formally or informally, at school, at home,
or on mobile...
playing remixing
anytime anywhere
We owe it to our
students to
“keep up”!
Are you
cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Stuck in Customs: http:/...
Be strategic
Be proactive Be responsive
Know your vision
Be your vision
Communicate your vision
Highlight the value of your e-
literacy skills and knowledge to the
entire school community......
and beyond...
Then see what happens next!
Judy O’Connell
Judy O’Connell
existing data reconnected for
different and smarter uses
cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by paul (dex):
What happens with linked data
and why should we care?
Whereas traditional library
metadata has always been focused
on helping humans find and make use of
information, linked da...
This uri ‘
has now become the
globally available, machine
and human readable,
It’s not about devices, it’s about
information and
because of technology!
Researchers Sequence Entire
Genome of A Baby In Only 50 Hours
“By obtaining an interpreted genome in about
two days, physi...
Developed by
researchers at the
University of
scientific problems
into competitive
Gamers U...
12-year-old uses Dungeons and
Dragons in science research
19-year-old girl in Egypt invents
a spacecraft propulsion device
Mustafa’s device is based on a scientific mix
between qua...
Connections and
augmented and
transformed through
technology and
smart data.
Web 3.0
new frontier of analytics BIG DATA
Examples of such data sets
range from billions of Google
searches conducted by millions...
Web 3.0
Web 1.0
Web x.0
Web 2.0
Semantic Web
The Web
Meta Web
Social Web
Degree of Social Connectivity
finding sharing collecting contributing playing
finding sharing collecting contributing playing
finding sharing collecting contributing playing
finding sharing collecting contributing playing
finding sharing collecting contributing playing
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finding sharing collecting contributing playing
finding sharing collecting contributing playing
finding sharing collecting contributing playing
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playing remixing
anytime anywhere

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