Myspace or Yours: Possibilities and Pitfalls


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What parents need to know about kids online and potential problems. What makes our 21st century kids tick? Don't demonise the net - work out what to do to be safe!

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Myspace or Yours: Possibilities and Pitfalls

  1. MySpace or Yours? Presentation for Parents Judy O’Connell Catholic Education Office image source
  2. possibilities & pitfalls image source
  3. Ten Years Past Few or no experiences with.... websites, email, spam, phishing, computer viruses mobile phones were rare and expensive a Sony Walkman was state of the art
  4. The Digital Generation Gap
  5. Pandora
  6. “There has been an explosion of interactive communications: the internet is the biggest thing since the invention of the printing press, and is having a tremendous impact on our society, our institutions and our kids” ........Real Wired Child:What Parents Need to Know About Kids Online. image source
  7. based on communities, collaboration, Harnessing Collective Intelligence reading, writing, and sharing
  8. Video
  9. i’ts all about seeing
  10. online tools are abundant • Blogging • Sharing music, videos, photos • Messaging and Social Networking • Gaming and Teen Life • Commenting on others’ sites • Personalising their own pages
  11. games • Connected worldwide with thousands of other players at once. • Detailed virtual worlds with sophisticated, potentially addictive gameplay.
  12. music Peer 2 Peer file sharing Apple iTunes Mp3 download sites
  13. social networking • Friend of a friend concept • Profiles • MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, Piczo
  14. social publishing !quot;#$%&' !' ()*+quot;#*,-'./%&%0*#*,+0
  15. self publishing & sharing Blogging Wikis StartPages YouTube Flickr
  16. self publishing & sharing
  17. leading learning a new angle?
  18. Definitely!
  19. virtual learning In short Mike's Mum had threatened to cut off his Internet access. Her perception was that Mike was wasting his time playing 'silly computer games'. She wanted him (according to Mike) to go and get a job at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Imagine that - the best second life developer I have seen giving it all away to go work in a fast food joint! Ahhh Edunation! Skoolaborate!
  20. What are the issues? • Keeping tabs on where your kids go • Privacy • Inappropriate content • Bullying and predators
  21. ` Think before you post
  22. it’s about digital natives
  23. and digital immigrants
  24. oopsanger
  25. common misconception
  26. Finding information
  27. Finding information
  28. school tools blogs wikis podcasts videos images voicethreads social networking and cybersafety! photo source
  29. RSS browsing
  30. What can we do? Understand! • Public spaces for computers Trust! • Open dialogue • Negotiate use and purpose • Monitor behaviour • Set limits • Listen to understand
  31. What can they do? • No personal details Private! • No meeting strangers Grow! • No sharing passwords IM • Agree on limits • Combat cyberbullying! • Keep safe!
  32. The Internet is the human network Welcome to the human network
  33. Information Overload 13 45 Introduction to Social Bookmarking
  34. Learn more… Useful sites for information Stop Cyberbullying NetAlert Education Programs Cybersmart Kids Learn about Web 2.0 Judy’s Web 2 Notes
  35. it’s just a rollercoaster ride! Thank You. With thanks to Graham Wegner and Sue Waters