Kids of Dreams Award Presentation


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21st annual publication of Kids of Dreams, St Joseph's College, November 19, 2010

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Kids of Dreams Award Presentation

  1. Welcome<br />to our celebration of literary and <br />artistictalent<br />
  2. Poetry and Prose Awards<br />
  3. JOHNNY BARLOW<br />Thoughts are dangerous things<br />They should be left alone<br />Junior Poetry – Commended<br />Maxwell Knight Year 8 <br />
  4. DANCING IN TIME<br />Then at night I always see<br />All the things that make me whole<br />Rising up and dancing in time.<br />Junior Poetry – Highly Commended<br />Henry Dodd Year 7<br />
  5. THE COLOUR OF MY FARM<br />The colour of paddocks with young wheat<br />As it blows in the wind <br />Knowing that was our next pay<br />Junior Poetry – Winner<br />Samuel Knight Year 8<br />
  6. THAT WAS LUCKY<br />“You’ve just stopped Australia’s number 1 most wanted criminal, Jimmy ‘Trix’ Henderson. We’ve been after this bloke for quite a while.”<br />Junior Prose – Commended<br />Jack Kenny Year 7<br />
  7. I, THE HERO<br />“This is going to be a long day,” I said to myself as I slowly shut my eyes to lapse into another sleep.<br />Junior Prose – Highly Commended<br />Massimo Reginato Year 7<br />
  8. A CLOSE CALL<br />They had their sights on the slowly closing drawbridge but they also had guards on their tail. They were running fast but as they reached the drawbridge, the Princess tripped.<br />Junior Prose – Winner<br />Jack Fox Year 7<br />
  9. ‘OUR’ PREMIERSHIP <br />There’s a difference between a team with players,<br />And one with mates.<br />Intermediate Poetry – Commended<br />Joe Bokeyar Year 9<br />
  10. FIT FOR A KING<br />I gladly agree, and taste my creations,<br />They explode in my mouth, what awesome sensations.<br />Intermediate Poetry - Highly Commended<br />Geoffrey Choy Year 10 <br />
  11. FADING TO BLACK<br />People, black as night<br />Feel the dark<br />Embrace it<br />Nothing can hurt worse than this.<br />Intermediate Poetry - Winner<br />Christopher Cooper Year 9 <br />
  12. THE TRIAL OF RUBIN CARTER<br />His eyes again becoming moist. Atticus stated in his persistent confident tone “And then Justice will prevail!”<br />Intermediate Prose – Commended<br />Matthew Hall Year 10 <br />
  13. A REALITY OF FAITH<br />Teachings of love, hope, compassion and love of neighbour suddenly became an integral part of people’s lives.<br />Intermediate Prose – Highly Commended<br />Henry Maher Year 10 <br />
  14. SILENCE<br />Silence resettled itself upon the band like a heavy cloak only to be broken again by the wailings of the child and the ever-approaching sound of boots.<br />Intermediate Prose - Winner<br />Maxwell Hall Year 10 <br />
  15. MASTER OF CREATION<br />Hopefully, my work was not in vain<br />That’s what I’m thinking every time<br />When someone sets an eye on me<br />Hopefully…<br />Senior Poetry – Commended<br />Duen Siauw Year 11 <br />
  16. WHAT IS LIFE<br />What is life, your closest friend?<br />It’s time to see what’s round the bed<br />This is it; it’s time for the end.<br />Senior Poetry – Highly Commended<br />Hugo Davies Year 12 <br />
  17. THE IMAGE OF A PAGE<br />The page is an image,<br />Pointless without words,<br />Yet I was looking at a profound beauty<br />Achieved totally without them,<br />But what is a page without words?<br />Senior Poetry – Winner<br />Matthew Bartlett Year 12 <br />
  18. ATTENTION!<br />After being furious with me for a while, my mum started being really nice. I know! Weird…<br />Senior Prose – Commended<br />Joshua Peacocke Year 12 <br />
  19. SMILE<br />I was a cynic, and I did not believe in love at first sight, although I did believe in the quote, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” <br />Senior Prose – Highly Commended<br />Nicholas O’Connor Year 11 <br />
  20. SIGNS<br />The others just thought of him as an upstart, good to be an acquaintance of in order to raise their own status, but definitely not a mate nor a friend nor a confidant or anything of that manner.<br />Senior Prose – Winner<br />Marcus Eberl Year 12 <br />
  21. Art Awards<br />
  22. COVER AWARD<br />Alexander Prichard Year 9<br />
  23. Junior – Commended<br />Dominic McDonald Year 7<br />
  24. James Fogarty Year 8<br />Junior – Highly Commended<br />
  25. Junior – Winner<br />Harry Mansom Year 7<br />
  26. Intermediate – Commended<br />Samuel Greig Year 9<br />
  27. Intermediate – Highly Commended<br />Tim Palmer Year 10<br />
  28. Intermediate –Winner<br />Finlay Bryant Year 9<br />
  29. James Fogarty Year 8<br />Senior - Commended<br />Joshua Parker Year 11<br />
  30. Senior – Highly Commended<br />Maximilian Heffernan Year 12<br />Joshua Parker Year 11<br />
  31. Senior – Winner<br />Jacob Carrick Year 12<br />
  32. Thank you<br />for joining us for<br />our celebration of literary and <br />artistictalent<br />