VMware Partner Exchange - 2014 Meet our Product Experts Hands-on Labs


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VMware Partner Exchange - Meet the Product Experts Hands-on Labs

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VMware Partner Exchange - 2014 Meet our Product Experts Hands-on Labs

  1. 1. Meet Our Product Experts: Jon Schulz • • • • Areas of Expertise: VMware Software-Defined Data Center Accreditation: VCP5-DCV Interests: Delivering Partner Labs, Running, Craft Beer, Stock Investing Connect with me: @NJonSchulz
  2. 2. Meet Our Product Experts: Peter Rizk • • • • Areas of Expertise: Virtualization, Cloud, Automation, DDI Accreditation: Several UCSC Extension Certificates in Networking Interests: Biking, Running, Snow Boarding, Reading Connect with me: prizk@infoblox.com
  3. 3. Meet Our Product Experts: James Arenth • • • Areas of Expertise: HyTrust HTCC, vSphere Accreditation: VCP5-DCV, VCA-Cloud, VCP3 Interests: My 3 Kids, Craft Beer, Jeeps
  4. 4. Meet Our Product Experts: Brent McCoubrey • • • • Areas of Expertise: Desktop/Session/Application Virtualization Accreditation: VCP, VTSP Interests: Outdoor Activities, Musician Connect with me: @BrentMcCoubrey
  5. 5. Meet Our Product Experts: Mark Richards • • • • Areas of Expertise: Horizon View, Mirage, Workspace Accreditation: VCP Interests: Baseball, Air-Cooled VW Connect with me: @VirtualMarkR
  6. 6. Meet Our Product Experts: John Voss • • • Areas of Expertise: Virtualization, SDN, Networking and DDI Interests: Golf, Skiing, Music Connect with me: jvoss@infoblox.com
  7. 7. Meet Our Product Experts: Ben Sier • • • Areas of Expertise: Solving Problems, Technology Development and Implementation Interests: 3D Printing, Farming, Technology (yes all of it), Family Time! Self-Described Bacon Fanatic
  8. 8. Meet Our Product Experts: Al Grandville • • • Areas of Expertise: Enterprise Architecture, Software-Defined Networking, Operations Management Personal Interests: Rebuilding Swamp Castle, Vogon Poetry Connect with me: @agrandville
  9. 9. Meet Our Product Experts: Keith Luck • • Areas of Expertise: VMware NSX Network Virtualization Platform, Security and Compliance Specialist Connect with me : @kluckil
  10. 10. Meet Our Product Experts: Thomas Lahaussois (French Tom) • • • Areas of Expertise: Epic VDI disasters (The worse the better) Interests: Good Food, Good People, Good Times Connect with me: thomas@liquiwarelabs.com, Skype: french tom
  11. 11. Meet Our Product Experts: Tony Okwechime • • • • Areas of Expertise: Software-Defined Data Center Accreditation: VCP, PMP Interests: Music Production, Traveling Connect with me: facebook.com/tony.okwechime
  12. 12. Meet Our Product Experts: Rick Terlep • • • • Areas of Expertise: Retail, End User Computing, vSphere Performance Accreditation: VCP Interests: Woodworking, Legos Connect with me: @RickTerlep
  13. 13. Meet Our Product Experts: Todd Muirhead • • • • Areas of Expertise: Database and Storage Performance Accreditation: VCP Interests: Long Walks On The Beach, Heavy Metal, Endless Swimming Pools Connect with me: @virtualTodd, VirtualToddsBigBlog.com
  14. 14. Meet Our Product Experts: Dave Rollins • • • • Areas of Expertise: vCenter Operations Management, Partners! Accreditation: VCP Interests: Hiking, Music, Family Connect with me: @vmwdave
  15. 15. Meet Our Product Experts: Tim Ness • • • Areas of Expertise: Virtual Storage Accreditation: VCP Interests: Texas BBQ, Craft Beer, Sports Cars, Voltaire
  16. 16. Meet Our Product Experts: Bryan Salek • • • Areas of Expertise: ESE Specialist, Manage Desktops with VMware Horizon Mirage, End-User Computing Interests: Sports, Travel, Technology Connect with me: @BryanSalek
  17. 17. Meet Our Product Experts: Erin K. Banks • • • • Areas of Expertise: Security and Compliance Accreditation: CISSP, CISA Interests: Traveling, Drinking, Eating Connect with me: @banksek, www.commondenial.com
  18. 18. Meet Our Product Experts: Tom Turco • • • Areas of Expertise: vCloud Hybrid Service, vCenter Operations Management Accreditation: VCP5-DCV Interests: Tennis, Kettle Bells
  19. 19. Meet Our Product Experts: Will Urban • • • • Areas of Expertise: Technical Solutions Engineer for Dell Focusing on Dell EqualLogic and VMware Integration Accreditation: VCP 2-5 Interests: Virtualization, Video Games Connect with me: @virtwillu, “Whiteboarding With Will” on YouTube
  20. 20. Meet Our Product Experts: Tim Sandy • • • • Areas of Expertise: vSpherevCenter Accreditation: VCP,VCA-DCV Interests: Scuba Diving, Motorcycles Connect with me: @TimSandy, tsandy@vmware.com
  21. 21. Meet Our Product Experts: George Aldrich • • • • Areas of Expertise: Partner Enablement, Cloud, Management Accreditation: VSP, VTSP Interests: Cars, Movies, History Connect with me: galdrich@vmware.com
  22. 22. Meet Our Product Experts: Paul Gifford • • • • Areas of Expertise: Cloud Infrastructure Management Accreditation: VCP, VCAP-DCD, VCAP-DCA Interests: Dog Rescue, Cars, Running Connect with me: @cloudcanuck, cloudcanuck.ca
  23. 23. Meet Our Product Experts: Manny Duron • • • • Areas of Expertise: Infrastructure, Security and Compliance Accreditation: VCP Interests: Technology, World Travelling, Soccer (Club Barcelona Fan) Connect with me: LinkedIn, mduron@vmware.com
  24. 24. Meet Our Product Experts: Chad Metcalf • • • Areas of Expertise: Solutions Engineering Interests: Infrastructure as Code, Data Centers, Automation, Hadoop Ecosystem Connect with me: @metcalfc
  25. 25. Meet Our Product Experts: Jeff Malnick • • • • Areas of Expertise: Puppet! Accreditation: Puppet Certified Pro Interests: Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Amateur Radio, Photography Connect with me: @8bitsofsketch, malnick@puppetlabs.com, www.jeffmalnick.com
  26. 26. Meet Our Product Experts: Brian Foley • • • • Areas of Expertise: vCloud Hybrid Service, vCloud Director, vCloud Connector Accreditation: VCP Interests: Travel, Reading, Family Connect with me: bfoley@vmware.com
  27. 27. Meet Our Product Experts: Rick Falci • • • • Areas of Expertise: EUC Technical Specialist Accreditation: VCP, VCDX Interests: Martial Arts – ITF Tae Kwon Do Connect with me: @rickfalci
  28. 28. Meet Our Product Experts: Raj Jethnani • • • • Areas of Expertise: Cloud Management (vCloud Automation Center, vCenter Operations Management, vCloud Hybrid Service) Accreditation: VCAP 4/5, DCA/DCD Interests: Motorcycles, Home Automation, Chicago Startups Connect with me: @Rajtech
  29. 29. Meet Our Product Experts: Jim DeWitt • • • Areas of Expertise: Systems Engineer, Public Sector SET, Cloud Automation Use Cases Accreditation: VCAP 4/5 DCA/DCD Interests: Romantic Walks on the Beach
  30. 30. Meet Our Product Experts: Paul Irwin • • Areas of Expertise: vSphere, Site Recovery Manager Interests: Aviation and Technology
  31. 31. Meet Our Product Experts: Josh Liebster • • • Areas of Expertise: vCloud Suite Use Cases, Big Data Extensions, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Interests: Gaming, Food, Cocktails, and Not Being Labeled “Mr. Vegas” Connect with me: @jlobster, @vmsupergenius
  32. 32. Meet Our Product Experts: Nathan Ness • • • • Areas of Expertise: NSX, vSphere, Cisco Accreditation: VCP Interests: Outdoors, Motorcycles, and Nerd Stuff Connect with me: @nvpnathan
  33. 33. Meet Our Product Experts: Andre Patterson • • • • Areas of Expertise: vCloud Automation Center, vCenter Operations Management Accreditation: VCP Interests: Martial Arts, Gaming (Video and Board), Movies Connect with me: @DreSPatterson, www.facebook.com/andrestephenpatterson
  34. 34. Meet Our Product Experts: Gregg Parsons • • Areas of Expertise: Cloud Infrastructure Management – vCenter Operations Management, Infrastructure Navigator, Configuration Manager, Hyperic, Chargeback Manager Interests: Photography, Kayaking, Home Remodeling
  35. 35. Meet Our Product Experts: Joseph Silvagi • • Areas of Expertise: vCloud Automation Solutions, Data Center Design, End-User Computing Interests: Restoring 1967 Mustang
  36. 36. Meet Our Product Experts: Josh Spencer • • • Areas of Expertise: Horizon View A-Z and Use Cases, End User Computing Interests: Technology, Scuba Diving, Education, Outdoors Connect with me: @VirtualSpence
  37. 37. Meet Our Product Experts: Michael West • • Areas of Expertise: Big Data Extensions, Big Data and Cloud Interests: Golf, Cycling