Finding Great Content and Automating Your Social Media Accounts


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Learn how one GoPro accessories ecommerce website went from spending 3 hours a day on social media, to just 3 hours a week.

This is great for any business that doesn't have the time or energy to make sure that A) their social media accounts aren't going dormant and B) their content is high quality.

These slides will cover automating Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, but the "Discovering Content" portion can easily be applied to additional social networks such as Pintrest, Tumblr, or Instagram to name a few examples.

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Finding Great Content and Automating Your Social Media Accounts

  1. 1. Content Creation & Automating Social Media for ecommerce websites Based off of the techniques used by a GoPro accessory website
  2. 2. Background ● Hey Is It On is a GoPro® accessory ecommerce website ● Main social media accounts are Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Second level are Tumblr, and Pintrest. ● Prior to automating / scheduling, social media was taking upwards of 3 hours a day. It is now down to 3 hours a week.
  3. 3. Content Content should be viewed in three different levels. Top Level is customer content, second level is your content and finally third level, is outside content.
  4. 4. The Three Different Levels of Content 1. Top level, the best content, comes from your customers. Reviews, photos, videos, statuses. Example. 2. Second level, is content that you’ve generated. Your blogposts, videos, photos, status updates. Example. 3. Third level, is content that others, but not your customers, have generated. Example.
  5. 5. Finding Content 1. Top level: Find and share reviews, ask customers if you can post their photos / videos. If they share directly on your page, you can reshare w/o permission. 2. Second level: Go through your blog. Screenshot features of what you offer and explain what they do. 3. Third level: Use Buzzsumo
  6. 6. Buzzsumo Great tool to find trending social media across different platforms. Look at this screen capture from a buzzsumo search, what does it tell you?
  7. 7. Buzzsumo 14k shares on Facebook, yet only 29 on G+? This article is ready to explode with exposure on G+. You want to be the account that really gets it out there. As far as third level content goes, this is king.
  8. 8. Automating Use BufferApp. It’s great because it is easy to learn and figure out. Scheduling posts is a breeze and you can post between FB, G+, Twitter and LI. Collect your content, and then spend one day a week getting it scheduled in Buffer. This only takes an hour or so.
  9. 9. BufferApp tips ● Make sure your timezone is set correctly, so posts aren’t going out at 3am. ● Get rid of the buffer link shortening. People like to know where links are taking them. ● Settings such as time and link shortening need to be set for each social account. This is easy to do, but not intuitive.
  10. 10. Twitter content Retweeting is an easy way to post content that is unique to twitter. Searching hashtags can be a pain though, especially if a hashtag is extremely busy and / or littered with competitors, spammy users, or in general, poor content.
  11. 11. Twitter content Filter hashtags using the Chrome extension Open Tweet Filter.
  12. 12. Twitter content Use the filter to get rid of negative or sad results. Example: Filter out :( from your results. This will eliminate tweets such as the one below, which should never be shared by a GoPro accessory company.
  13. 13. Remember ● Go through the tiers for finding content. ● Use Buzzsumo to find excellent 3rd level content. ● Use BufferApp and schedule a week out. ● Use Open Tweet Filter to cut out users and keywords from a heavily used hashtag.
  14. 14. Thanks for reading! The ecommerce website used in the examples is our own. Hey Is It On - GoPro Accessories Facebook Google+ Twitter