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The Mobile Society


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A study about the impact of wireless communications and applications on work and leisure. Drivers and trends that are bringing us to the "Mobile Society", from the mobile office to "The Internet of Things" (2004)

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The Mobile Society

  1. 1. The Mobile Society Alberto D’Ottavi Freelance Journalist, ICT specialist Now blogging on (Past:, Il Sole 24 Ore @lfa, La Repubblica Affari & Finanza, …) Sept-04, presentation held at the “Seventh International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications”,
  2. 2. Mobile Society? Fixed Wireless vs. Mobile Wireless Mobility vs. “Transportability”
  3. 3. Wi-Fi-spot: Hot or not? Research of School of Management, Politecnico di Milano (Italy): Apr-04: 800 public hot-spot Sept-04: More than 1.000 Gartner forecast: “Worldwide, the number of hot-spots will triple during 2004, up to 30 millions”
  4. 4. Small great notebooks Market growth 2003/2002, unit, Italy: +33% [Assinform] Worldwide market growth 2004/2003, forecast 2004: +14%, equals 187 millions unit [Gartner]
  5. 5. Very smart phones Worldwide market growth Q1 2004 / Q1 2003: Mobile phones: +29% Smartphones: +86% Units, worldwide Mobiles: 152 millions in 2003 forecast: 595 millions in 2004 Smartphones: 3,3 millions in 2003 forecast: 20 million in 2004 [IDC]
  6. 6. Drivers? Revolutions! Digital Music Peer-to-peer Instant messaging Blogs Personalization Ease of use Standards ...
  7. 7. Mobile workers, Italy Mobile workers. Italian market 2002-2007 10.000 9.500 9.000 8.500 8.000 7.500 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 8.580 8.661 8.904 9.188 9.518 9.884 Mobile Workers in Italia (migliaia) “The number of Mobile Worker is growing. More important, the importance of their activities / applications is growing too” [IDC]
  8. 8. Mobile trends Mobile music “Global ring-tone sales generated US$3 billion dollars at year-end 2003, and are forecast to generate revenues in excess of US$4.7 billion by 2008” [InformaMedia Group] Mobile phones market, Italy, july 2004: “The mobile phones italian market continues to show impressive performances. The booming of Camera and MMS devices, helped by declining prices and the massive Tv commercial campaigns boosted volumes over 1.6 million unit” “Shell and Bluetooth products seem to be the natural co-actors for multimedia devices: the two segments continue to grow, reaching respectively 27% and 16% of July 2004 sales” [Gfk]
  9. 9. Mobile attitudes phones are no longer perceived “Mobile as what they used to be years ago - communication tools. They are in fact seen as lifestyle products now” [Gfk] matter what the service is, no matter “No what the equipment may be, they need to have an element of fun besides being useful, in order to be appealing to a wide range of people” [NTT DoCoMo]
  10. 10. “A trillion devices connected…” (Scott McNealy)
  11. 11. Processes are changing Derrick de Kerckhove, Head of University of Toronto (successor of Marshall McLuhan) “The term “Information” society, still appropriate for the wired nineties, has now become a tired and vacuous concept. It still talks only about content, while the real news is in process, not content”
  12. 12. Mobilized Information Society Luc Soete, director of the International Institute of Infonomics, professor for International Economics at Maastricht University “The Mobilized Information Society is a society in which the ease of communication and access to information and data is not just an essential ingredient of economic activity, but also of leisure”
  13. 13. Blogs? Niels Bohr: “Prediction is tough, especially when it's about the future…” (Updates follows…)
  14. 14. 2007 updates Many of the trends discussed in 2004 actually emerged, even if in then-unpredictable fashions So I made a “Reloaded” version of this presentation On my blog there are some articles (in italian) about Mobile 2.0: Nokia, il futuro è Internet (nov-06) Mobile internet, prossima frontiera? (apr-07) Nokia alla conquista del mondo. Nasce Ovi (aug-07) Satelliti, cellulari, mobile web 2.0 e comunità (nov-07) Still looking forward for the things to come on