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Infoservi - Blogs and business


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Some ideas we shared during the panel "Blogs and business" at the PiuLibri Fair, Rome

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Infoservi - Blogs and business

  1. 1. Can a company be “social”? A roundtable about “Blogs and business” PiùLibri publishing fair, Rome, Dec 7th, 2007 Alberto D’Ottavi –
  2. 2. “Markets are conversations” (David Weinberger et al.) • It’s an open, global market. And that conversations are already going on
  3. 3. Is it a language / content problem? • Probably you simply need to find the right “book”…
  4. 4. Is it a problem of attitude? • Probably you simply need to find the rigth style (and no, the CEO does not need to go mohican)
  5. 5. Somebody says it’s “corporate communication” • Do we really have scientific formulas?
  6. 6. “Pr people can be a source of information, but need some deprogramming” (Shel Israel)
  7. 7. “Partnership with Social Media has been great” (Richard Edelman, apr-07) • Yes, but please don’t forget Wal-Mart “flog” (fake blog)
  8. 8. Speakers • Leonardo Bellini: Internet and marketing since 1998. Wrote in 2006. Italian edition of Debbie Weil’s “Corporate Blogging” in 2007 (“Blog in Azienda”) • Filippo Berto, owner He is a corporate (CEO) blogger • Mafe De Baggis, Community builder. Among the others, she made e • Andrea Genovese, founder and editor-in-chief • Alessio Jacona, journalist, consultant in corporate blogging, editor of • Howard Liptzin, Product Marketing Manager and master of • Antonio Tombolini, founder Simplicissimus Books,
  9. 9. Guest Alberto D’Ottavi Journalist, blogger, consultant ‣Freelance on ‣Member of ‣Blogger on Contacts Photo credits ‣3. Flickr: Myself (Hexholden) ‣4. ~c4chaos ‣5. Nseki ‣6. Jakecaptive ‣7. Duanebrown ‣8, 9. YouTube: BeetTV
  10. 10. Blog e aziende Leonardo Bellini, Filippo Berto, Mafe De Baggis, Andrea Genovese, Alessio Jacona, Howard Liptzin, Antonio Tombolini Alberto D’Ottavi