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Digital footprints and Students handout


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Handout for Digital Footprints and Students sesssion.

Published in: Education
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Digital footprints and Students handout

  1. 1.       Digital  Footprints     and  Students   Photo  cou rte sy   of  Pixa bay .co m   Kurtis  Hewson   Faculty,  University  of  Lethbridge   Kurtis   Hewson   Current  faculty  with  the   University  of  Lethbridge,   former  teacher,  vice-­‐ principal  and  principal.   Twitter  -­‐  @hewsonk27   Skype  –  kurtis.hewson   Find  Kurtis  on  Facebook  and   Google  +   View  a  post  related  to  Digital   Footprints  for  Pre-­‐Service  Teachers       pg.  3