Collaborating for School Improvement Handout


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Handout to accompany Skype presentation for Masters of Education cohort, University of Alberta - July 2012.

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Collaborating for School Improvement Handout

  1. 1. J U L Y 2 0 1 2 Superman is Dead Collaborating for School Improvement Kurtis Hewson Access the presentationCurrent Faculty Associate with the University of on Prezi Lethbridge, former teacher, vie-principal andprincipal (11 years of administration experience). 2010 ASCD Outstanding Young Educator collaborating-for-school-improvement Award finalist; one of five featured elementary principals in the text Reflecting on Leadership for Learning (Parsons & Beauchamp, 2011) Access the handout digitally on Slideshare Twitter - @hewsonk27 Visit Kurtis’ profile at Skype – kurtis.hewson Find Kurtis on Facebook and Google + Website Resources A backchannel allows a secondary converstation to exist during a presentation,Presentation Backchannels with interaction between participants and with the presenter. Twitter hashtag TodaysMeet Address #supermes Don’t have a Twitter account? Access the TodaysMeet link, enter a username and Follow the conversation by going you can interact with participants and presenter to and enter through the presentation. Share, question and the hashtag in the search box. comment!
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