Healthy active lefestyle


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Healthy active lefestyle

  1. 1. A1 Reasonsfor taking part in activity
  2. 2. A1 Reasons for taking part in activity Candidates should be able to:• i recognise how physical activity:• – helps the individual to feel good and look good• – enhances body shape• – contributes to good health and enjoyment of life
  3. 3. • ii understand how physical activity can help to relieve stress/tension and stress related illness
  4. 4. • iii recognise and explain how membership of sporting clubs and participation in sporting activities stimulates:• – co-operation• – competition• – physical challenge• – aesthetic appreciation
  5. 5. • iv recognise and explain how physical activity encourages the development of friendships and social mixing.
  6. 6. • Individuals take part in physical activity because it brings about benefits.• Can you think of any?• If we had to categorise them what would be your categories?
  7. 7. • These benefits can be categorised into 3 sections;
  8. 8. Mental• Refers to the mind and our psychological health
  9. 9. Physical• Refers to the body and our physical health
  10. 10. Social• The way we interact with others and our social life.
  11. 11. I want to lose weightSo it’s a physical reason
  12. 12. I I get very stressed at work and want to relax So it’s a mental reason
  13. 13. I need a new physical challengeSo it’s a mentalor physicalreason
  14. 14. I play because I’m good at itSo it’s a mental reason
  15. 15. Gives me bettermuscle definition So it’s a physical reason
  16. 16. Improves my health So it’s a physical reason
  17. 17. Gives ussomething to do So it’s a mental reason
  18. 18. Makes me feel good/ improves my confidenceSo it’s a mental reason
  19. 19. I develop an So it’s a mentalaesthetic reasonappreciation ofthe sport
  20. 20. I like to compete I So it’s a mental reason
  21. 21. Gives me better Ishape/ look goodSo it’s a physical reason
  22. 22. IExercise makesme feel lesstense So it’s a mental reason
  23. 23. I play sport to I meet more friendsSo it’s a social reason
  24. 24. I exercise toimproves my IfitnessSo it’s a physical reason
  25. 25. Playing sportI stops me getting into trouble So it’s a social reason
  26. 26. Sports a Greatway of meetingsomeone of the So it’s a socialopposite sex reason
  27. 27. Healthy Active lifestyle• A lifestyle that contributes positively to physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and includes regular exercise and physical activity
  28. 28. Benefits of a healthy active life style• Increase FitnessStrengthStamina/EnduranceLose weightMuscle Tone
  29. 29. Feel Good• Exercise produces SEROTONIN!• This is a hormone that makes you feel good!!!• So exercise not only improves their physical fitness it improves your mental fitness
  30. 30. Relieve Stress• Provide a distraction from whatever is causing you stress
  31. 31. Increase Self Esteem and Confidence• Overcoming a physical/mental challenge can increase self esteem and confidence
  32. 32. Improve Health• People who are fitter recover faster from common and serious illness.
  33. 33. For Enjoyment• Most people who exercise normally enjoy what they are doing
  34. 34. For Mental Challnge• Most forms of exercise offer some kind of mental challenge to overcome.• EG the thought of training for the marathon can be a daunting experience and provide a large mental challenge
  35. 35. Apply KnowledgeSomewhere we will be able to fit all these reasons for taking part in physical activity into the (complete w/s 12 TRF – p56) TS04
  36. 36. Veteran men and women take part in sportAge is a factor that affects performance TS04
  37. 37. Wheelchair Athletes TS04
  38. 38. TS04