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Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology
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  1. 2. Holiday 100 200 300 400 Verb 100 200 300 400 Animation 100 200 300 400 Place 100 200 300 400 100 200 300 400 Animal Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
  2. 3. The day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ Check your answers
  3. 4. Christmas Questions
  4. 5. The day of 31 st October Check your answers
  5. 6. Halloween Questions
  6. 7. The day to celebrate Jesus Christ’s return to life Check your answers
  7. 8. Easter Questions
  8. 9. a national holiday in the US to celebrate the country’s freedom from Great Britain Check your answers
  9. 10. Independence Day Questions
  10. 11. To make musical sounds with your voice Check your answers
  11. 12. sing Questions
  12. 13. To make a picture usually by making lines or and marks with a pen or pencil Check your answers
  13. 14. draw Questions
  14. 15. To keep something or someone safe from something dangerous and bad Check your answers
  15. 16. protect Questions
  16. 17. To examine the ways in which two people or things are different or similar Check your answers
  17. 18. compare Questions
  18. 19. I have long ears. Who am I? Check your answers
  19. 20. Rabbit Questions
  20. 21. This is a really popular animal. It usually lives in house. Check your answers
  21. 22. Questions Dog
  22. 23. Check your answers This is gregarious wading birds . This is large bird with pink feathers, long hin legs, a long neck and a beak that curves down.
  23. 24. Questions Flamingo
  24. 25. Check your answers Five-toed worm lizard, Ajolote or Ajolote lizard ( Bipes biporus ), is one of four amphisbaenians that have legs.
  25. 26. Mexican mole lizard Questions
  26. 27. You can see many characters of fairy tales in this animation such as Rapunzel, Snow white, Puss in boots, Cinderella, and so on. A green orger is a main character in this animation. What is this animation? Check your answers
  27. 28. Shrek Questions
  28. 29. The characters in the animation this animation are Paw, Crain, Viper, Mantis, Monkey, Paw, Tigrese and they are all good at Kung Fu. What is this animation? Check your answers
  29. 30. Kung Fu Panda Questions
  30. 31. You can see many kinds of monsters in this animation, and their mission is to make children scream. What is this animation? Check your answers
  31. 32. Monsters Inc Questions
  32. 33. The earth became desolated and everyone except cleaning robots left the earth. One cleaning robot found a plant life and help people come back to the earth. What is this animation? Check your answers
  33. 34. Wall-E Questions
  34. 35. <ul><li>Doctors and nurses work here, and you go this place when you are sick. What is this place? </li></ul>Check your answers
  35. 36. Hospital Questions
  36. 37. <ul><li>Find a common word for those 3 words. </li></ul><ul><li>After_______, High_________, Elementary_________ </li></ul><ul><li>answer: School </li></ul>Check your answers
  37. 38. School Questions
  38. 39. <ul><li>Tomorrow is the final quiz day, but you lost all of your pencils. Where will you go and buy one? </li></ul>Check your answers
  39. 40. Stationary store Questions
  40. 41.   Where can you see these things? Check your answers
  41. 42. Sauna(Bathroom) Questions