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Swamp dweller ;how far it's an absurd play


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Swamp dweller ;how far it's an absurd play

  1. 1. Swamp Dweller :How far it is an AbsurdPlay? Name:gohil hetalba M.A:2 Sem:4 Dept. Of English M.K.B.University
  2. 2.  ‘Absurd Theatre’ believes that humanity’s plight is purposeless in an existence, which is out of harmony with its surroundings. A philosophy born of existentialism, regarding the philosophical concept of "the Absurd," the clash between the human tendency to seek some inherent meaning in the universe and the human impossibility of finding meaningAbsurd play
  3. 3. HopelessnessSense of sadness meaninglessness They do not take the view that’’… means waiting, killing time and clinging to the hope that relief may be just around the corner If not today then perhaps tomorrow’’
  4. 4. Ibwezu (on a quest to secure his Alu,Makuri(waiting Beggar identity) for son)Distorted human life
  5. 5. • Igwezu ‘father ,tell me father is my brother a Despair better man than I?” • Makuri,AluPurposelessness of existence
  6. 6. Beckett Soyinka God not Beggar appear. Still Despair hopeSoyinka makes use of human deformity in the same way as does Beckett.Characterare either invalid ailing or nursing wound.Both authors allude to the entanglement ofman,a codition from which there is no escape.
  7. 7. Beckett and Soyinka Their god is not dead Total despair They have to makewaiting for god. choice.