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Contents page research


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Contents page research

  2. 2. THE PURPOSE OF A CONTENTS PAGEThe purpose of a contents page is to give the reader an idea ofother stories and information within the magazine and what pagenumbers you can find it on. It lists the sections in which thepublication is divided, such as the chapters, articles, "parts" or majordivisions or poems. Each listed section, in most cases, is paired withthe page number on which it starts, or, in online versions ofpublications, with a hyperlink to that section. A table of contentsassists the reader (and sometimes the author or editor) in findingspecific sections. It also clarifies the materials overall organization.It needs to be clear, easy to navigate, it has to appeal to the targetaudience and be aesthetically pleasing.
  3. 3. TYPICAL CONVENTIONS OF A CONTENTS PAGEHOUSE STYLE - Identifiable style to the entire magazine: Colour, scheme,typefaces, mode of address.IMAGES – usually secondary images which help promote the stories/featuresconnected to it.SECTIONS – (Headings: Features, cover stories, regulars, etc.).May be in a specific order, for example music at the front andfashion at the back etc.EDITORIAL SECTION – Welcoming message from the editor, overview of themagazine and contents.TITLE – Motif or logo of masthead repeated on contents page.PAGE DESIGN – overall layout and presentation of contents.MODE OF ADDRESS – How the magazine speaks to the reader.GRID SYSTEM – Were the contents page is split into three sections.
  4. 4. HOUSE STYLE DEFINITIONA house style is a recognisable style and structure to the wholemagazine which is memorable to readers and noticeablethroughout the converging media. It involves conventions such ascolour scheme, typefaces, masthead, logo and placement ofimages and barcode. This is so that readers are familiar with thisstyle and certain layout and will find the magazine easily. HouseStyle is effective as the reader knows exactly what they expect thefront cover to be like and will not have to look around for theirpreferred magazine.
  5. 5. EXAMPLES OF HOUSE STYLE This was the December Issue front cover and contents page of Vogue magazine, featuring Emma Watson as the central image. The house style is seen here as the masthead (title) is repeated in the similar type face which is recognisable to readers. It is seen through the images, as they have displayed the same image as their central image in the contents page under the subtitle ‘Cover look’ so that certain element has been repeated. The font style isCertain features and design elements are also a repeated feature.repeated with this magazine cover and contentspage, so you can tell how a house style isrecognisable and effective.
  6. 6. CONTENTS PAGE ANALYSIS Title (Masthead) Plain Website (Access to Logo so clear brand white typography incorporate converging identity and continuity of media) design. Institutional details - IssueFeatures SectionSo readers have an idea ofwhat is on the magazine Grid System – It isConventional Page Numbers sectioned so easy toand Sub headings to navigate and createseparate sections. separate sections to the contents page Oasis section - Unique selling point One of the main features so is more recognisable against background image Monthly Section Main Image, using direct mode of address to engage target audience Recognisable house style – colours, font ect. Editorial Section, a unique Secondary Image selling point for the magazine, it is wrote by Q
  7. 7. CONTENTS PAGE ANALYSIS Title (Masthead)Triplet of complementing colours, Logo so clear brand orange connoting identity and continuity of happiness, warmth ect. design. Website (Access to incorporate converging media) Sans Serif typography ‘On the cover’ section Institutional details – so readers gain more Date/ Issue informs reader information about what is on of publishing date. the front cover. Main Central Image, Features Section using direct mode of So readers have a more address to engage target greater understanding of what audience and takes up is on the magazine two thirds of the pageVertical column frames the Conventional Page Numbersimage and creates a functional and Sub headings toway of reading the page Text anchors inset image separate sections.
  8. 8. MY STUDENT MAGAZINE CONTENTS PAGE This is just a rough draft of my contents page for a college magazine, it could possibly change when producing this on In Design as this is just a draft.
  9. 9. CREATING A HOUSE STYLE FOR MY STUDENT MAGAZINEMy contents page will have similar features and conventions to myfront cover to initially create the same atmosphere and create ahouse style.It will include the same red, white and black colour scheme so it willbe recognisable to my target audience and will follow convention.Also, the same typography and typeface will be used, I used threedifferent font styles on my front cover so I will make sure to includethe same on my contents page. The masthead will be repeated onthe contents as it creates clear brand identity and shows continuityof design. These specific features, combined with the extra detailswill help create an original and memorable house style to my overallpreliminary magazine project.