CV hesham 2015


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CV hesham 2015

  1. 1. 1 Eng.Hesham Antar Mahmoud EL-Sayed Mob: +201 003483728. E-mail: Home Address: 190 EL Mailk Feisal Street, Giza, Egypt. . PERSONAL INFORMATIONS: Date OF BIRTH: 20th July 1986. PLACE OF BIRTH: Cairo - Egypt. NATIONALITY: Egyptian. RELIGION: Muslim. STATUS: Single. LANGUAGE: Arabic: mother language. English: very good speaking and written. STUDEY LEVEL: B.Sc .Electronics & Communication Engineering (honors) - Akhbar EL-Yom Academy- Cairo - Egypt DATE OF GRADUATION: May, 2008. Grade: Excellent With the Grade of the Honor
  2. 2. 2 GRADUATION PROJECT: Title: Micro strip Directional Coupler with Defected Ground Plane Degree: Excellent (A+) Project objective: To introduce modified directional couplers with tight coupling coefficient. WORK EXPERIENCES: 1. NILESAT (AL- MAJID Satellite Channel) , Cairo ,from May 2010 till now Job Title: Broadcast Transmission Engineer. Job Description: 1-Setup and Maintenance and Manage of Satellite channel Network. 2- Administration for AL- MAJID Network equipment and Design and lead network infrastructure, workflow, and security system upgrades providing technical guidance. 3-Supervise the installation, testing, and maintenance of a variety of electronic broadcasting and IT equipments (Graphics systems, Broadcast equipments, Video servers, remote stations, and storage units). 4-Installation of a new archive systemincluding SAN, NAS, and tape library with management software for media asset management. 5-Assure that all equipment is working. 6-Managing emergency problems during broadcast. 7-Managing On air graphic BrainStorm for playout and studio. 8-Managing leitch server and crass vally mixer
  3. 3. 3 COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING COURSES AND SKILLS: 1- Certificate of Mobile Communication (GSM) From: 25/07/2007 To: 13/08/2007 (18 Hrs) 2- Certificate of Mobile Communication (CDMA) From: 24/07/2007 To: 15/08/2007 (18 Hrs) 3- Certificate of IE3D (Zealnd) From: 01/02/2008 To: 14/02/2008 (18 Hrs) 4- Certificate of Introduction and Programming in Mat lab. From: 13/08/2006 To: 24/08/2006 (40Hrs) COMPUTER SKILLS:  Network (N+)  CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)  Certificated Maintenance of Hardware and Software (A+)  International Computer Driving license (ICDL) PERSONAL SKILLS: - Flexibility and adaptability and working under pressure. - Keen to understand diverse learning styles. - Enthusiastic in challenges. - Self-motivated. - Search abilities for any technical related subjects. - Excellent communication skills. - Excellent inter person skills. - Problem solving skills. - Demonstrated teamwork ability - Driving license and valid passport.