Experience True Luxury With A California Wine Tour


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California is the capital of wine in the United States. As such there is an abundance of choice when it comes to wine tours and wine related vacations. Read about the different areas of California and the options you have as you plan your next wine vacation.

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Experience True Luxury With A California Wine Tour

  1. 1. Regardless of whether you are an avid oenophile seeking to continue your exploration into theculture, or are merely searching for a way to get away from the hectic chaos of city living, a winetour in California offers a transcendent and immersive experience that can allow you to torediscover your passion for the simple yet luxurious life.Deemed the wine capital of the US, the state of California offers an array of diverse andmagnificent elements that guarantee there will be something for everybody to enjoy when takinga trip to the Golden State. From the magnificent mountain vineyards of Napa to the spectacularcoastal area of Sonoma County, California wine country provides a rich tapestry of scenic viewsand flavors for the wine aficionado to enjoy throughout their stay.The key to finding the best rates and avoiding the rush is to book your tour of wine country inCalifornia later in the season. By booking your tour this way, it is possible to guarantee that youavoid the rush of the millions of individuals who spend the peak summer time months touringwineries across the state. Dont forget, this is among the most popular regions in the world forwine tours and second only to Disney Land in terms of attracting tourists to the state, with morethan five million people each and every year visiting the Napa area wineries alone. An earlier(May) or later (September or October) season arrival will allow you to spend much more timespeaking with the experts who run the tours, ensuring that you get full value out of your tourexperience by speaking to the experts directly regarding the winemaking process, and enablingyou to have all your personal trip wants met with no large crowds impeding your trip.California is also home for the eclectic wine area of Sonoma County that offers postcard-stylephotos such as roaming foothills and once-in-a-lifetime coastal vistas. Due to the varied nature ofthe landscape in Sonoma Country, a variety of grapes are grown in this area, guaranteeing thatyou will find a rich bounty of flavors for wine hobbyists to enjoy as they take in the amazingsights. Sonoma County is usually slightly less crowded than Napa Valley during peak wine-tourseason in the summer. This is on account of a far more expansive landscape spread out overwinding country roads that separate the many quaint towns and villages inside of the area.Sonoma County is also known for its top quality Cabernets, Zinfandels, Pinot Noirs andChardonnays and is often ideal for couples who want to discover wineries in California duringpeak season away from the larger crowds seen in Napa Valley.In fact, touring one of the numerous wineries in California is usually a truly memorableexperience for a wide array of visitors. You can find activities for every type of visitor, frompartners to those on business trips. For instance, many businesses offer couples the chance toexplore the beautiful foothills of Sonoma County on horseback during their wine tour experienceand engage their senses with the rich natural wonders provided inside the area. Furthermore, forall those visiting California with their organization as part of a corporate trip, many touroperators in Napa Valley are in a position to supply excellent group rates for visits to theirfacilities, in order that each and every traveler can get a unique taste of the flavors provided.
  2. 2. While the best-tasting wine can often singlehandedly provide a refined experience for thediscerning palette, most will look to make the best use of their trip experiencing a Californiawine tour by visiting one of the many outstanding fine-dining restaurants in the area. Thankfully,there is a plethora of spectacular choices from which to pick. In fact, a lot of wine tour operatorsalso have their very own restaurant through which they present their wines to consumersalongside delectable fine-dining specialties. These wine-tour operators which have their ownrestaurants provide the greatest experience for vacationers as they have displayed their wide-breadth of experience in making a combination of wines to suit unique tastes and food flavorsand can therefore provide a far more well-rounded tour than those operators whose expertise islimited simply to the actual vineyards.Each time you open a wine bottle brought back from your excursion, you will be reminded ofthat tasty aged rib-eye steak it was combined with in the Mediterranean restaurant you visited onyour tour; a memory so vivid youll desire to instantly book your subsequent visit. Taste the lifeof luxury and book your place on one of the many California wine tours offered throughout thestate.Bio: In addition to five different wine club memberships, Oxnard-based Herzog Wine Cellarsprovides a guided California wine tour for those interested in the wine making process. If youreinterested in California wine tours then contact Herzog today.