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monitors:            - Soil temperature            - Soil humidity            - Air temperature            - Air humidity ...
Analog sensors and                     Dashboard
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Jatrobot presentation @OTA12


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Jatrobot was an entry from HyperIron Team at OTA12
Winners in two categories Science and Hardware this year.

In view of impending shortage of food, to build sustainability.
We would like to deploy as many sensors as possible to get realtime feedback of plantation and the land they grown on. We employ various mobile or stationary sensors to collect realtime data to a central server.
Together with historical data that is collected along with other thirdparty data such as weather forecasts to determine or recommend suitable nutritional need at required resolution on the ground.
For this hack we have used various hardware and thirdparty apis,
Android Phone,
Arduino and various sensors such as temperature and humidity atmospheric and in the ground, ph balance, color & light sensors, wind, rain, pest detections.
Android phone a great way of transmitting the data over the air as it is also provide additional set of sensors on the device itself.
we have used a myriad of sensors including some from Lego as well as the ones on the android phone itself such as GPS location. We will continue to add more sensors as we can lay our hand on and send the collected data to Pachube/Cosm. We then format the data into categories and provide a web/tablet interface for user to interact. We intend to set alert parameters whereby the user can be alerted of when a certain condition is met. Perhaps when the ground is too dry or the plants are not in healthy condition (screaming for help).
The alerts can be sent via choice of methods SMS, email, twitter or Voxeo.
In time we would have historical analysis of the data where we could compare with other data collected and suggest best course of action, we would also take into account the weather forecasts for instance to plan watering level needed or nutritional values as we are sampling the time and location of the sensor reading this allows us to target more granular level possible.

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Jatrobot presentation @OTA12

  2. 2. monitors: - Soil temperature - Soil humidity - Air temperature - Air humidity - Plant condition - Location
  3. 3. Analog sensors and Dashboard
  4. 4. DEMO
  5. 5. @nikitakorotaev @snim2 @paul_tanner @herx