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Here is what trends are expected to take off in 2013 It has become increasingly possible to reach people in faraway places using the Web and it has also become possible to hyper-target, and access and offer highly localized, specialized, and verticalized services. Both trends will continue, but to make money, the verticalization and localization trends look more promising, although cases like Facebook and Foursquare speak to the contrary. Let’s put it this way: there will be a few large, global players. But there will be millions of smaller, niche, localized and/or verticalized businesses that will continue to open up entrepreneurial opportunities around the world.

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  1. 1. HD TOP 10 DIGITAL TRENDS FOR 2013 Top 10 Digital Trends For 2013© January 2013 P age |1H D
  2. 2. TOP 10 DIGITAL TRENDS FOR 2013 Top 10 Digital niche area of interest such as fan groups, societies, cults, that already engage in your product/service. Trends for 2013 3. Quality over Quantity. Having large amounts of data is invaluable to a company, but in the ___________ process of having all this data, it creates The web has been in a state of flux a lot of pains in discovering insights and since its inception, and this year is no actionable items. Brands need to move different. Here’s what trends are away from tracking overall sales each expected to take off in 2013. month; instead they need to look at live sales. Track them by time, SKU, location, retailer, attribute, etc... This ground up approach will give the real 1. Personalized Products for insights from a small to large scale. each Customer Organizations will move towards involving the customer when creating 4. Fall of the PC looks to their products as opposed to a "one size Responsive Design fits all" mentality. The key action to take here is to evolve from the now The purchase of desktop computers are traditional social media marketing on the decline, so what are consumers activities of buying display ads and buying? Mobile devices, i.e. smart pushing products, to buying social phones and tablets. A website built in listening research, with the goal of responsive design basically figures out product development personalized for the resolution of the device it is being the individual consumer. viewed on, and the images and fluidgrids will size correctly to fit the 2. Demographics is out, now it’s screen. This allows the website, no about Behavior matter on what device, to have the optimal viewing experience - easy In 2013, its no longer about targeting an reading and navigation with a minimum audience that you THINK has an of resizing, panning and scrolling. The interest in your product based on age, benefit - one website build, one income, gender, education, historical seamless experience with thousands of data, etc… Its about targeting the screens. audience you KNOW has an interest in your product by focusing on a more© January 2013 P age |2
  3. 3. TOP 10 DIGITAL TRENDS FOR 2013 5. Perceptive Media 7. Cloud Computing at the Forefront Media, audio or video that adapts itself based on the information it has gathered Cloud computing is the storage of data on an individual user. Artificial online allowing access across multiple Intelligence is the brainwork behind this. platforms simultaneously through The purpose is to provide media that consumer-based services such as target on a user-by-user basis. Imagine email, social media, online file storage watching tennis on television with and corporate communication tools. A someone that doesnt know the rules, simple idea with a powerful effect, perceptive media could show one user involving the fast growing mobile device the detailed rules of tennis while Mobile cloud is a new way to create showing the other user the current workflows. This will change the way we rankings of players and behind the think about storage on our devices and scene footage. Creating democracy instead think about storage in the cloud. within the room by comparing the overall Devices will then come with less tastes of the group and reach the most storage, but be better equipped to compatible compromise. access data. 6. Revolution of the 2nd Screen 8. Digital Convergence - Pulling  80% of smartphone and tablet users it all Together use their devices while watching TV. Forget about remembering where you  25% of U.S. smartphone and tablet left off in Season 2 Episode 3, 25 users use their devices while minutes and 32 seconds of The Walking watching TV multiple times per day. Dead, think more about registering for  51% of those who post on social an account via online cloud services and media while watching itll remember where you last left off and continue when you log back on via any As consumers are engaging in one type compatible device. To give you even of media, they are simultaneously more, these services can make engage in another. Imagine a consumer recommendations based on the content watching a television drama series, and you have previously viewed. Nowadays, at the same time shopping on the eBay its not about finding the video, its about app for the clothes that the main how fast your internet connection is so character is wearing. This revolution you can stream the video without extends to mobile devices from the big lagging. Apps like HBOGo, UVideos, screen, TV, and organizations are and HuLuPlus not only stream content working to build on the relationship to the consumer, they can measure the between screens.© January 2013 P age |3
  4. 4. TOP 10 DIGITAL TRENDS FOR 2013 consumption, know the device used, 10. Location, Location ….. connection speed, viewing history and purchase history; with this data they are 2012 started this up, and now in 2013 able to personalize the ads, content and with more and more mobile devices product recommendations a consumer being produced (e.g. Sony recently sees. released a competitor to the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy 4 - the Xperia Z), in conjunction with privacy being loosened by tech giants such as 9. All things Internet Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc, this Its inevitable, and has been coming for means that locations of users by default a while - everyone will be able to will be tracked, provided users dont connect to the internet via more and disable the functionality. But at the same more devices - the refrigerator, the time, growing social relationships are television, the car, etc… Everything will encouraging friends to share their be automated. Companies like Ford location for rewards, namely have already begun opening up their applications such as Foursquare, and APIs to developers to create new also social recognition of having visited applications to use via computer various locations via networks such as systems in the vehicles. Computer chips Facebook Places. installed in traffic lights connecting to GPS systems will provide the shortest travel distance with live data. One day well live in a world where the toast is hot and ready on a plate the moment we step into our kitchen. Its not really any stretch of the imagination, if you think about it. ________________________________ Leave your questions and comments to:© January 2013 P age |4