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Novelo in 5 minutes


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Novelo in 5 minutes

  1. 1. ABOUT US✓ StartupChile alumni✓ Launched in May 2011✓ 25k products being sold by a lot of people✓ One of 2011’s hottest startups by several media outlets
  2. 2. FACEBOOK COMMERCE?✓ 90% of all purchases subject to social influence✓ 76% of retailers plan to use Facebook✓ 67% spend more online after recommendations✓ 43% of people follow at least one brand✓ $30bn forecasted social commerce revenue in 2016✓ Top brands already sell on Facebook (Coca-Cola, Disney, Starbucks, Lady Gaga)sources: Facebook, Booz & Company, Wired Magazine, bazaarvoice, social commerce today
  3. 3. STILL...✓ Sticking a shopping cart on a Fan Page is not enough (it’s not even social commerce)✓ Discovering stores (and fan pages) is hard✓ Like button is dead Where the hell are the products?
  4. 4. Facebook as aShopping Mall (yeah, we do “Fan Page Storefronts” too)
  5. 5. THE NOVELO EFFECT✓ 10x more visibility for products not just on fan pages, but also on user’s timelines, tickers, walls, app notifications...✓ Measurable analytics and data more than page views - a complete x-ray of who’s buying what and when✓ Spreadability comments, tweets, reviews, wishlists, shares and the good old SEO✓ Deep Facebook integration all new “social buttons” (want, love, own, buy)
  6. 6. Watch us online (our competitors surely are) getnovelo Novelo Social Shopping (thank you!)