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Newcomer's Flipping Book

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Newcomer's Flipping Book

  1. 1. Immigration & Relocation Smooth Arrival, Easy Living, Swift Departure
  2. 2. About us Newcomer’s is an immigration and relocation service company with offices in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Norrköping and Luleå, Sweden. We assist companies and offer a comprehensive range of services for expatriates moving to Sweden as well as those leaving the country. As a founder of ARE Mobility Group we have a footprint in eleven countries in Europe and can take you to and from these destinations. The company was founded in 1995 by Lena Rekdal and over the years we have assisted tens of thousands of individuals and families to settle into and move away from Sweden. The first Newcomer’s product was a practical handbook written solely for expats moving to Sweden. This informational base has contin- ued to be very central to our service delivery as we have developed the company and our services over the years. In order to best serve our clients we now have a comprehensive resource guide on our website, which we update continuously. Our aim is to share relevant information in an easily accessible manner with our clients. Our aim is to deliver a friendly product in a very structured way. The details are important and our structure ensures that we don’t miss anything so that the transferee can fully enjoy the experience of an assignment abroad. Newcomer’s was audited by an impartial body (DQS/UL) and received the EuRA Quality Seal certification in 2010, 2012 and again in 2014, it’s our trade certification comparable to ISO 9000. I don’t think I have thanked you yet for your service, it has been a pleasure for me to work with you and hope to work more with you in the future!” International Assignment manager at a RMC
  3. 3. O U R M I S S I O N To add value & improve expatriate life and client empowerment – using effective processes that optimizes the relocation experience and their independence and functionality in a new country. We endeavour to deliver services that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We assist our clients effectively and ethically relocate their employees through adhering to; – Local and international legislation – Local and international government prerequisites and requirements – EuRA Code of Conduct – Client company policies. Flying over Sweden you will get the impression that it is green and blue, representing forests and water. Sweden’s archipelagos are world famous. The west coast is unique by its naked smooth rocks and islands. The water is not as salty as the rest of the Atlantic, but still clear and with generally the same kind of maritime life. The Stockholm archipelago on the east coast is known for its many islands - over 25,000 with forests and meadows.
  4. 4. The most important base of Sweden´s accessibility to nature is the Every Man’s Right (Allemansrätten) providing the possibility for each and everyone to visit somebody else’s land, to take a swim in, and to travel by boat on somebody else’s waters, and to pick the wild flowers, mushrooms, ­berries, fallen cones, acorns and beechnuts.
  5. 5. Why Newcomer’s is the provider for you. Certified by the Swedish Migration Board, the Swedish Real Estate commis- sion and EuRA Quality Seal we pride ourselves in obtaining and retaining our credentials in keeping with all requirements. Specialized in our locations, we strive to be a pool of knowledge to our clients and their Employees, keeping abreast of the latest market updates and location happenings and acting as a source of information for global market researchers. Attentive to our clients’ needs and require- ments, our team of consultants focus on the individual, personalizing their move. Our team, having themselves been posted abroad or relocated to Sweden, work with a personal understanding, flexibility and with customer satisfaction in mind. Upon service completion Newcomer’s continues to work towards providing ongoing guidance how to make their stay in Sweden an experience never to forget. Thank you very much for the good news! I’m glad the employee was able to success­ fully complete the registra- tion process.Thanks to your expert help this case went very smoothly :). I’ll look forward to your next e-mail to confirm receipt of the PIN numbers. And, I hope to work with you again soon!” Immigration Consultant at a RMC
  6. 6. How can we help you? With our extensive network of service partners, Newcomer’s are able to pro- vide you with a one stop solution to your relocation needs Europe wide. The reward of our long term partnerships is to be able to offer our clients better rates and cost saving solutions. Newcomer’s has successfully managed their own property listing of direct land- lords who have contentedly been leasing their properties out to our client for years. Our team dedicated to your expats are fully trained and compliant with your company’s process and policies and handle all relocation related queries directly with the transferee acting in the company’s best interest. Newcomers is pleased to have had the honor of retaining many of our clients since 1995. Thank you for the update regarding our assignee! Amazing that everything has been so smooth even though the first landlord changed his mind regarding renting. Thank you so much for your professional assis- tance and I hope that we’ll be in touch shortly again.” Personal assistant to the CEO of a global company
  7. 7. Safe, accessible and engaging are words that best describe Sweden and are all connected to each other. Sweden is a safe country in that sense that crime is relatively low. You are safe in the streets and may let your children move around freely.
  8. 8. Our Services Smooth Arrival Immigration & Government Compliance A one step solution to all your immigration needs ensuring compliance with the Swedish authorities and their requirements. Local Orientation Newcomer’s Local Orientation, prepares and introduces you to your new environment. Based on your needs assessment and in hand with the essentials of Living in your new location, this program will give you a better insight and address all major concerns you may have, such as healthcare, banking, trans- portation, groceries and much more. Needs assessment | Personalised itinerary | Location briefing | Out & About tour Temporary Accommodation Location specific options for short term accommodation. Our team sources and negotiates the best solutions, so you can hit the ground running. Options according to requirements are presented | Booking coordination House Hunting According to your needs and requirements, we will source the best options of available housing. Your assigned consultant assists you with all your housing queries and acts as your advocate in lease implemen- tation and inspection, securing you your new home. Properties viewing on one scheduled occasion | Lease negotiation & implementation | Move-in inspection | Assistance with utilities and services set up School Search Finding the right school is an important component to the family’s move. We provide an objective overview of the schooling situation in your new location and assist in the selection process providing guidance and support Options provided according to requirements & availability | Guidance on application process | Coordination of visits to schools | Follow up on submitted applications We all have our work permits – took just 4 days. Thanks a great deal. This has been the smoothest part of our transition.” Immigration client
  9. 9. Easy Living Settling In Settling in provides a practical insight to your new neighbourhood and ­addresses those important tasks that will make your stay smooth and easy. Bank Account set up | Orientation of transportation systems, healthcare, groceries and other essentials in your neighbourhood | Utilities set up Tenancy / Expense Management Handling housing issues that arise causes stress which we can relieve you from. With our team of market specialists we assist in handling all matters connected to your property and liaise with the landlord and contractors. Quarterly property maintenance call out | Vendor coordination for repair works | Collation and payments of monthly utility bills Swift Departure Swift Departure Assistance Providing hassle-free and cost savings assistance with the terminations of your leases and guidance on moving on from your current host location. Termination notification assistance | Cancellation assistance of utilities & services | Vendor coordination for repair works | Move-out inspection | Deregistration of residency Special thanks for all your commitment and quick response.Truly amazed on how things conducted by you. I have stamped the passport for WP extension and leaving Pakistan with free mind :)” Transferee moving from Pakistan
  10. 10. Customized packages Easy Immigration – one step compliance Registration with the Migration Board | Preparation of offer documents | Compliance according to the union and government requirements for hiring of foreign talent Smooth Landing Service – remote assistance Home on Arrival | Newcomer’s Location Briefing | Civic Registration | EU Residence Permit | Newcomers Support Access Smooth Arrival Service – 2 days House Hunting | Newcomer’s Location Briefing | Civic Registration | EU Residence Permit | Settling In | Newcomers Support Access Easy Living Service – 4 days Local Orientation | House Hunting | Newcomer’s Location Briefing | Civic Registration | EU Residence Permit | Settling In | Newcomers Support Access VIP Living Service – 5 days Local Orientation | House Hunting | Newcomer’s Location Briefing | Civic Registration | EU Residence Permit | Settling In | Utility Survey & Installation | Newcomers Support Access Avanti Access Service Available Upon Request Avanti Access Advanced Service Available Upon Request Wow, that’s really good news! BTW, spent excel- lent night yesterday in my new apartment, already installed the internet and am extremely happy with my choice. Thanks a lot for your help!” Transferee moving from Germany
  11. 11. Sweden is changing – we’re creating fashion like never before and our culinary diversity is growing. But some things are the same: we still celebrate Swedish traditions like Midsummer and Lucia, and gender equality is still high on our agenda. YAY, that is so exciting! I just got up and did a little dance and clapped my hands. So did my colleague! Thanks again for EVERYTHING... I am so grateful for your patience and help in this process! You’ll have to come over for a cocktail once I get settled!” Transferee moving from US
  12. 12. Thanks so much for keeping me reminded on the need for his Repatriation. You are truly a great partner in every sense of the word!!” International Assignment manager at a RMC CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION Newcomer’s Linnégatan 41, SE-114 58 Stockholm, Sweden TEL +46 8 660 61 01 | E-MAIL | WEB