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Making suggestions and requesting something


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Making suggestions and requesting something

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Making suggestions and requesting something

  1. 1. Making Suggestions and Requesting Something Arranged by : 1. Hertian Pratiwi 2. Ika Apri H 3. Latifah S
  2. 2. Functional Language Making Suggestions
  3. 3. Making Suggestions Making a Suggestion Responding • I can (show you / take you to) .... • Would you like to ....? • How about (doing) ....? • What about ....? • Shall we ....? • Why don’t we / you ....? • You should ....? • Let’s .... • I suggest you .... • Any suggestion ? • That’s a good idea. • It’s a goos suggestion, thanks. • You’re right. • Yes, let’s do it. • I think to. • Yes, You’re right. • That’s what is in my mind.
  4. 4. Discovering language Read the conversation and find four ways of making suggestions. • A: Let’s order. What shall we eat? • B: What about fruit salad? • A: Sounds good to me. Shall we have some chicken wings as well? • B: Sure! Why don’t we have some spaghetti to go with it? • A: That’s fine. Waiter...
  5. 5. Language for making suggestions • When making suggestions the following phrases can be used: • Let’s + infinitive. • E.g. It’s raining. Let’s take an umbrella. • How/What about + gerund/noun phrase? • E.g. It’s stopped raining. How about going to see a film? • Why don’t we + infinitive? E.g. It’s stopped raining. Why don’t we go to see a film? • Shall we + infinitive?
  6. 6. EXERCIZE
  7. 7. Functional Language Requesting Something
  8. 8. Requesting Something Requests • Could you teach me how to operate this handycam, please? • Could you ........., please? • Can you .........., please? • Would you .........., please? • Will you ............., please? Response • Ok • No problem • Okay • Of course • Ok. I don’t. • Certainly • It’s ok • Yes, I will • I could. Don’t worry • All right
  9. 9. Discovering language Read the conversation and find four ways of making suggestions. • A: Good morning, Ma’am. • B: Good morning. What can I do for you? • A: Could I leave school earlier, Ma’am? My grandpa is in critical condition. • B: I’m sorry to hear that. Yes, sure. • A: Thank you, Ma’am. • B: You’re welcome.
  10. 10. 33. Farah : you look very busy with your work. …….. Reidy : sure. If you don’t mind. How kind you are. a. are you tired ? b. can I help you ? c. do you like to help me ? d. can you do me a favour ? e. would you like to help me ?
  11. 11. X : morning sir.....? Y : No. Thanks. a. What can i do for you? b. Something I can do for you? c. What would you like me to do? d. Would you help me with this bag? e. Could you carry my luggage?
  12. 12. Shopkeeper : .... To try the shoes on? Mrs. Bakar : No, thank you. I can do it myself. a. Can you help me? b. Would you like to help me? c. May I help you? d. Do you mind helping me? e. Do you object to helping me?