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test questions for assessment1 (2)

  1. 1. St. Louise de Marillac College of Sorsogon Basic Education Department English IName:______________________________________________________ Score:__________Year/Section:________________________________________________ Date:___________MULTIPLE CHOICE.Directions: Read each questions carefully. Choose and encircle the best and correct answer. GOOD LUCK!  1. What part of the book faces outward when you shelf it properly? a. Glossary b. Foreword c. Spine d. Title page 2. It is a word or group of words expressing a complete thought. a. Fragments b. Sentence c. Phrases d. Clauses 3. What type of sentence expresses facts/ideas? a. Declarative Sentence c. Imperative Sentence b. Exclamatory sentence d. Interrogative sentence 4. These are words, phrases, or clauses that describe a word and slightly change its meaning. a. Adjectives b. Adverbs c. Modifiers d. Verbs 5. It is the sentence which asks request or command. a. Declarative Sentence c. Imperative Sentence b. Exclamatory sentence d. Interrogative sentence 6. What kind of phrase modifier modifies a noun or a pronoun? a. Adjectival phrase c. Noun phrase b. Adverbial phrase d. Verb phrase 7. Which of the following group of words is a sentence? a. The man at the bar. c. Although the sun is shining brightly. b. Stop that! d. To dance the waltz. 8. What is the importance of glossary? a. It helps you to locate what page you’re about to search through. b. It helps you unlock unfamiliar terms used in the book. c. It gives you an idea about the content of the book. d. It gives you the title of the book.FOR ITEMS 9-10. Refer to the given sentence below. “When the school year ended, Anna was at the top of the class.” 9. What does the underlined phrase modified? a. School year b. Anna c. ended d. was 10. What is the function of the underlined phrase? a. Adjective- participial phrase c. Adjective- prepositional phrase b. Adverb- participial phrase d. Adverb- prepositional phrase 11. Which of the following group of words is simple sentence? a. Art and Archeology reflect and explain Jerusalem’s history. b. God loves us even if we disobeyed Him. c. Whenever I feel afraid, I say a prayer. d. The debate about Jesus’ divinity lasted for two hours, but the audience didn’t get bored. 12. Why do we need to familiarize the different parts of the book? a. To be able to use the book more effectively. b. For us not to consume much time looking for our needed information. c. To have an easy access to the kind of information we want. d. All of the above 13. Which of the following is the proper way of writing the title, author and date of publication of the book in the bibliography? a. Garner, Brayan- Modern American Usage. Oxford University Press, 2003. b. Fortini, Garry. Grammar & Composition. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall, 1990. c. Rob Balston. Grammar. Oxford University Press, 2000. d. Bascara, Linda R., Communication Skills for High School, Manila: Rex Book Store, Inc., 1990. 1
  2. 2. 14. Which of the following statements is true? a. The singular subject takes plural verb. b. Personal pronouns You and I always take plural verbs. c. Nouns that are plural in form but singular in meaning take plural verbs. d. “The number,” takes plural verb 15. The stomach, in addition to the large and small intestines, ______ part of digestive system. a. is b. was c. are d. wereFOR ITEMS 16-20. Identifying Sentence Error Identify the underline word/s that contain/s error in each of the following sentences. 16. Love, respect and obedience to one another is the key to happy relationship. No error. a. b. c. d. 17. I surrender my life to Jesus. No error. a. b. c. d. 18. Bread and butter are I eat for breakfast. No error. a. b. c. d. 19. Two- thirds of the earth are under water. No error. a. b. c. d. 20. Is this the poem you was writing? No error. a. b. c. d.FOR ITEMS 21-25. Read the passage and choose the correct form of the verb that belongs on each space. “Breakfast should not be _ (21) _. Students _ (22) _ they_ (23) _ not hungry and dash off to school without breakfast. School work and play _ (24) _ a substantial breakfast of cereal or rice, an egg, a glass of milk, ham or bacon, one or two slices of bread and fruits. _ (25) _ a good night’s rest and sleep, get up early. 21. a. misses b. missed c. miss d. missing 22. a. said b. say c. says d. saying 23. a. are b. is c. was d. were 24. a. call b. calls c. called d. calling 25. a. had b. has c. have d. having 26. Read the sentences below and choose the best way to rewrite it. “Carlo just bought an airline ticket for his upcoming vacation. The ticket is flexible, and this means that he can travel to more than one destination.” a. Carlo just bought an airline ticket, and he will travel to more than one destination. b. Carlo bought an airline ticket for his upcoming vacation. He can travel to more than one destination because the ticket is flexible. c. Carlo just bought an airline ticket for his flexible vacation, meaning that he can travel to more than one destination. d. Carlo just bought a flexible airline ticket for his upcoming vacation, which means that he can travel to several destinations. 27. A singular subject requires ________. a. Plural verb b. Plural noun c. Singular verb d. Singular noun 28. Romeo and Juliet is an example of what dramatic poetry? a. Morality play b. Mystery play c. Shadow play d. Tragedy 2
  3. 3. 29. Which of the following does not belong to the group? a. Ballad b. Epic c. Medieval romance d. Pastoral 30. It is a tale that deals with heroes of chivalry like famous kings and knights. a. Epigram b. Epic c. Medieval romance d. Mystery play 31. Ballad is an example of what kind of poetry? a. Dramatic b. Lyric c. Narrative d. Prose 32. It is a lyric poem that expresses poet’s grief of the death of a particular individual. a. Elegy b. Epigram c. Ode d. Tragedy 33. “I think of you every minute of every day,” is an example of what figures of speech? a. Irony b. Hyperbole c. Metaphor d. Simile 34. Which of the following statements is true about poetry? a. It uses rhymes, meter, and line breaks. b. It is classified into three: lyric, narrative and dramatic. c. It does not too much follow grammar. d. All of the above. 35. What is the importance of using poetic devices? a. It makes the poem more appealing to the readers/ listeners. b. It makes the image of the poem more vivid. c. It helps to stimulate one’s imagination. d. All of the above.FOR ITEMS 36-40. Analogy Choose the word that best expresses a similar relationship to the original pair. 36. Haiku : Lyric poetry ; _________: Dramatic poetry a. Elegy b. Ode c. Pastoral d .Tragedy 37. Prose: Fairy tale ; Poetry : _________ a. Autobiography b. Anecdote c. Biography d. Epigram 38. Sonnet :__________ ; Haiku : 17 syllables a. 12 lines b. 13 lines c. 14 lines d. 15 lines 39. Narrative poetry: epic ; Lyric poetry: ________ a. Ballad b. Comedy c. Epigram d. Medieval romance 40. Shadow play: Dramatic poetry ; _________: Narrative poetry a. epithalamium b. Limerick c. Medieval romance d. Trgedy Thank you!  3