Test questions (assessment 1)


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Test questions (assessment 1)

  1. 1. Matnog National High School English 1 First Year LevelNAME: ________________________YEAR & SECTION: ____________SCORE:________MULTIPLE CHOICE. DIRECTIONS: Read the questions carefully. Select the best answerand write the correct answer on the blank provided. Good Luck! _____ 1. What kind of noun names a particular person, place, or thing? a. Common nouns b. Noun phrase c. Proper noun d. None of the above_____ 2. It is used in the beginning of a sentence to ask a question. a. Indefinite pronouns c. Relative pronouns b. Interrogative pronouns d. Demonstrative pronouns_____ 3. What part of speech that includes the 6 senses? a. Adjective b. Adverb c. Noun d. Verb_____ 4. How will you praise your friend for being such a beautiful one? a. You look great! c. Your amazing! b. Wow! You’re so gorgeous! d. All of the above_____ 5. What kind of noun that tells who or what receives the action of the verb? a. Indirect object b. Direct object c. Gerund d. Infinitives_____6. Which of the following sentences has an adjective? a. Maria is walking. b. We should eat nutritious food to keep fit. c. As they won the competition, the prize should be theirs. d. During the mid-semester break, we have a week’s holiday._____ 7. The pronoun your, their, theirs, and its are called _____. a. Personal pronouns c. Possessive pronouns b. Intensive pronouns d. None of the above_____ 8. Which of the following sentences contains a predicate adjective? a. The teacher appeared angry when Dave forgot his homework. b. I brought my lunch for the first time this year. c. What does this hard lesson teach you? d. We scanned the distant shore for signs of life._____ 9. When do you usually use adjective? a. When telling a place and name of a person. b. When describing something. c. When telling the action of the doer. d. None of the above_____ 10. The dog barked loudly. What is the noun in this sentence? a. The b. Dog c. Barked d. Loudly_____ 11. What kind of pronoun that usually have one form? a. Intensive pronoun c. Relative pronoun b. Indefinite pronoun d. None of the above_____ 12. In which sentence are all common and proper noun written correctly? a. Last month, mom visited Aunt Caroline. b. We took her to Legaspi Airport on Memorial Day. c. My Aunt lives in a small town in Manila. d. She swims at a beach along the Gulf of Mexico._____ 13. Adding the suffix –est or the words most or least to compare more than two persons or things shows the _____. a. Comparative degree c. Superlative degree b. Correlatives d. None of the above_____ 14. Find the common noun in the sentence below. “Mr. Davis loves to eat pizza.” a. Mr. Davis b. Loves c. Eat d. Pizza
  2. 2. _____ 15. Choose the correct pronoun to complete the sentence, “Please leave the boat keys on _____ clock.” a. You’re b. Your c. Yours d. You_____ 16. What is collective noun? a. Words that refer to groups or units. b. Words that refer to a single person or thing. c. Nouns that have modifier. d. Tells if something is plural._____ 17. What is the correct adjective to complete the sentence below? “Some journals were waiting for the _____ singer.” a. Sensible b. Rich c. Powerful d. Famous_____ 18. Which possessive noun best complete the sentence? “My favorite _____ names are Jenny, Marie, and Agnes.” Thomas said. a. Aunt b. Aunt’s c. Aunts’ d. Auntes_____ 19. What is the indefinite pronoun in this sentence? “Do you know anything about these boxes?” a. These b. Anything c. Know d. Boxes_____ 20. I walked my dog, Bruno. What is the special noun in this sentence? a. I b. Dog c. My d. Bruno_____ 21. What are the features of adjectives? a. Descriptive, comparative, superlative b. Regular & irregular, transitive & intransitive, copulative c. Conjunctions, interjections, prepositions d. Common & proper nouns, singular & plural, direct object_____ 22. Which of the following sentences has a subject pronoun? a. The car is mine. b. Her books were overdue at the library. c. We stood together on the issue of civil rights. d. Our house was full of mice._____ 23. Choose the correct pronoun to complete this sentence, I hate to loan my books to people because they often forget to return _____. a. Them b. It c. Me d. US_____ 24. What kind of adjective that describes a noun or a pronoun? a. Proper adjective c. Limiting adjective b. Descriptive adjective d. Predicate adjcetive_____ 25. Which word in the sentence needs an apostrophe? “The artists design of the car was very detailed.” a. Car b. Artists c. Design d. Detailed_____ 26. Which word correctly completes the sentence? “The wooden bat belongs to Roy. It is _____ bat.” a. Roys b. Roy’s c. Roys’ d. Roy_____ 27. How do we correctly write 3 sharks sharp teeth? a. The sharks sharp teeth. b. The shark’s sharp teeth. c. The sharks’ sharp teeth. d. None of the above_____28. It tells what kind, how many, or which one. It is also describes nouns. a. Demonstrative b. Correlatives c. Adjective d. Modifier_____ 29. Point out the descriptive adjectives in this sentence, “An American ambassador visited the pope.” a. Ambassador b. American c. Visited d. PopeFor items (30-40) choose the appropriate word/s to complete the sentence._____30. Ernest told me about his new job, _____ very much. a. That he’s enjoying c. Which he’s enjoying b. He’s enjoying d. He’s enjoying it_____ 31. Ronnie, _____ is the fastest runner in the school. a. Whom has been selected for the race b. How has been selected for the race c. Who has been selected for the race d. Which has been selected for the race
  3. 3. _____ 32. I left a few pieces of _____ in my aunt’s house after the holidays. a. Cloth b. Cloths c. Clothes d. Clothing_____ 33. Sarah will do the job well. She is a _____ girl. a. Rely b. Reliable c. Reliance d. Reliability_____ 34. The _____ his speech got, the sleepier the audience became. a. Long b. As long c. Longer d. Longest_____ 35. “Do be careful, children! The floor is _____ because I mopped it”, Mrs. Yu warned. a. More slippery b. Most slippery c. As slippery d. Slippery_____ 36. Maria does well in her studies because she is a _____ student. a. Clever b. Intelligent c. Attractive d. Charming_____ 37. A _____ of sheep grazed on the hillside. a. Herd b. Flock c. Shoal d. Troop_____ 38. Sheila is not _____ some people make her out to be. I observed that she is very rude to her family! a. The most pleasant c. As pleasant b. Most pleasant d. So pleasant as_____ 39. Dr. Brown comes from ether Philippines or Malaysia, I can’t remember _____. a. What b. Where c. Which d. That_____ 40. Paolo was late for work because his car had a _____. a. Break away b. Break out c. Break down d. Break-in  THANK YOU! 