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Lesson plan for intonation

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Lesson plan for intonation

  1. 1. Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan For English 2I. OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson the students are expected to: 1. Enumerate the importance of intonation. 2. Use the correct intonation of a phrase or sentence.II. SUBJECT MATTER Intonation: Juncture, stress and pitch. Reference: - Good English (blue book) by Ney, Harsh, Lapp, Meerson and Armstead Jr., pp. 115-117. - New Ways in English by Lodge and Trett, pp. 135-136. - PROCEDURE: A) PRESENTATION OF THE LESSON - On the board, they will read the sentence: “Carrie hit the alarm button” without punctuation. - After they read it, they will repeat the sentence. This time, they will say the sentence as though you were telling Carrie to push the button. - QUESTION: Were you able to use one group of words to express two different meanings? If so, what did you do to mark off the second meaning from the first? After this question, you will explain to them and you will introduce the JUNCTURE. - Now they will say the same sentence once more. And this time, they will say it as though you were telling Carrie that lightly pushing the alarm button wouldn’t have any effect. She has to hit the button. - QUESTION: Did you pronounce one word more loudly than the others? Which one? Afterwards, you will introduce to them the use of STRESS. - For the last time, they will say the sentence again. And this time, say as though you were asking Carrie hit the alarm button. Don’t change or add any words. Notice what happens to the level of your voice as you speak. - QUESTION: Did your voice rise or fall at the end of the sentence? Then after they answer, introduce to them what is PITCH. B) GENERALIZATION - How do these features make it possible for you to convey several different meanings? C) ENRICHMENT ORAL DISCUSSION Hello to a friend to a friend you havent seen for 3 years to a neighbor that you dont like to a 6 month old baby to someone you have just found doing something they shouldnt to someone on the phone when youre not sure if they are still on the other end Goodbye to a member of your family as they are going through the boarding gate at the airport to someone who has been annoying you to a child starting his very first day at school How are you? to someone you havent seen for 20 years to someone who has recently lost a member of the family to someone who didnt sleep in their own bed last night
  2. 2. What have you done? to someone who claims to have fixed your television only that now its worse than before to someone who is scolding you for not doing anything when you suspect the same about them. To someone who has just done something very bad and which has serious consequences.D) EVALUATION Determine if it is a rising intonation or a falling intonation. 1. You already! 2. You shouldnt have. 3. It’s unbelievable! 4. Thats not very nice! 5. I dont think I will. 6. How could you? 7. Why should I tell you? 8. You must be kidding! 9. So what? 10. Well, I never! Prepared by: JUSHABETH G. GARCERA BSED-III

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