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Service marketing_group_3_presentation_2013 (Ritz Carlton Jakarta Mega Kuningan)


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Service marketing_group_3_presentation_2013 (Ritz Carlton Jakarta Mega Kuningan)

  2. 2. THE ROLE OF MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS The role of service marketing communication is to:  Position and differentiate the service.  Promote the contribution of service personnel.  Add value through communication content.  Facilitate customer involvement in production.  Stimulate or dampen demand to match capacity.
  3. 3. CHALLENGES OF SERVICES COMMUNICATIONS The intangible of service presents challenges for communications. Two ways to overcome the problem of intangibility:  Emphasize tangible clues (its employees, facilities, certificates & awards, customers).  Use metaphors to communicate the value proposition.
  4. 4. MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS PLANNING Plan & design an effective communications strategy using 5 Ws model:  Who is our target audience? Are they prospects, users, and/or employees?  What do we need to communicate and achieve? Do the objectives relate to consumer behavior in the prepurchase, service encounter, or postpurchase stage?  How should we communicate this? Which media mix should we use?  Where should we communicate this?  When do the communications need to take place?
  5. 5. THE MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS MIX Variety communications channels:  Traditional marketing channels (advertising & PR).  Internet (firm’s website & online advertising) and New Media (youtube & social networks).  Service delivery channels (service outlets & frontline employees).  Messages originating from outside the organization (word of mouth & media coverage).
  6. 6. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths • Strong, well-known brand name • High Quality • Top of the line customer service • Able to charge higher fee for quality service and name • Do not have to sacrifice standards to reach customer Weakness • Expensive in a poor economy • Only attainable to the wealthy Opportunity • Attracting large groups of people weddings, events, trade events • Advertising to upper class in retirement with money to spend • Marketing to wealthy women whose children have grown, & are looking to create memories Threats • Economic conditions • Other luxury hotels with competitive offers
  7. 7. THE RITZ-CARLTON Motto At The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C., "We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen." This motto exemplifies the anticipatory service provided by all staff members. The Credo Genuine care and comfort  highest mission. Pledge to provide finest personal service and facilities Warm, relaxed, refined ambience Experience enlivens the senses, instills well-being, and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes Source: Ritz-Carlton
  8. 8. TARGET MARKET DEMOGRAPHICS: SOCIAL GROUP Elite Suburbanites: upscale incomes- can afford to spend heavily on technology, powerboats, books, magazines, luxury cars and exercise equipment Urban Uptowns: enjoy the arts, shop at exclusive retailers, drive luxury imports, travel abroad, and spend heavily on computer and wireless technology Affluentials: lower median income- still enjoy comfortable, suburban lifestyles; big fans of health foods, computer equipment, consumer electronics Source: Prism
  9. 9. COMPANY WEBSITE Marketers use their own websites for a variety of communications task, including promoting consumer awareness and interest, providing information and consultation, facilitating two way communications with customers throung email and chat rooms, stimulating product trial, enabling customers to place orders, and measuring the effectiveness of specific advertising or promotional campaigns. A sticky site is: High in quality content Easy to use Quick to download Update frequently
  11. 11. ONLINE ADVERTISING Click here for details
  12. 12. ONLINE ADVERTISING Banner Advertising Click here for details
  13. 13. ONLINE ADVERTISING Banner Advertising Click here for details
  14. 14. ONLINE ADVERTISING Search engine advertising • • • • • Google AdWords: Ritz-Carlton Instagram Ritz-Carlton contest Luxury hotels Hotel photo promotion Click here for details
  15. 15. THE MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS MIX Traditional marketing channels:  Advertising  Public relations  Direct marketing  Sales promotions  Personal selling  Tradeshows These communication elements typically used to help company create a distinctive position in market and reach prospective customers.
  17. 17. Advertising often is the first point of contact between service marketers and their customers, serving to build awareness, inform, persuade, and remind. Marketers are trying to be more creative with their advertising to allow their messages to be more effective. Some advertisers stand out by employing striking designs or a distinctively different format. The Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan Hotel has routinely use social media in order to promote their product . The social media was chosen by the management because of these day the customer whenever they went to the hotel in the end they will spread or sharing the experience they got to the most terrific social media
  18. 18. RITZ-CARLTON ON FACEBOOK Highlight photos and videos uploaded by customers and employees Exquisite views and luxurious offerings from every location Key information updated by Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC. Display messages and status’ from current and future guests Contact information for reservations, brand news, company initiatives Ritz-Carlton on Facebook
  19. 19. LET US STAY WITH YOU RITZ-CARLTON ON TWITTER Tweeting for the luxury traveler from 77 hotels and resorts around the globe Pursuing the images and unique characteristics of each hotel location Tweeted pictures, videos, and updates from our loyal customers Sharing the distinct qualities of our core value with customers: luxury at its finest Ritz-Carlton on Twitter
  20. 20. A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS USING PINTEREST TO ENGAGE CONSUMERS IN AN EXCITING SHOWCASE OF OUR LOCATIONS Employ a single brand presence to curate experiences and memories Incorporate high-quality, rich media that amplifies valuable content to the customer Exhibit the wishes and dreams of potential guests on our boards Ritz-Carlton on Pinterest
  21. 21. PROMOTIONAL CONTEST WITH INSTAGRAM Partner with photo sharing application, Instagram, to promote customer experiences and lifestyles Enter contest by sending in your opaque-tinted photo of your adventure at a Ritz-Carlton resort Winners will be announced every month for the calendar year of 2013 Prize: Free weekend stay at your choice of Ritz-Carlton hotel or resort, airfare included Upload to Ritz-Carlton Facebook page or Twitter under: RitzCarlton Instagram Guest Experience Use promotion to gain more customer exposure, and continue to display our promise of an outstanding experience with every stay
  22. 22. MEASURING SUCCESS Act as strategic partners, and help build our brand appropriate assets Real-time information from the public Tracking consumer sentiment on our brand, and the competition’s High-level metrics: mention volume, topical affinity, and where to spend advertising dollars Proper development of campaign content by enriching social media presence •Google AdWords: 1. Ritz-Carlton Instagram 2. Ritz-Carlton contest 3. Luxury hotels 4. Hotel photo promotion
  25. 25. PERSONAL SELLING The Ritz Carlton Jakarta Mega kuningan do sales call everyday to the customer. The data based they took from many sources such as : The business card of the guest which ever stayed with, The data of Mystique Membership’s guest Data of clients who ever make an events
  26. 26. PERSONAL SELLING The following step after get the data based from the respective department concerned : Sales person call the candidate guest from the data collected, They did regulary with minimum 5 coorporate target everyday.( do sales call 3 times or 4 times a week) ( Target :Business and individu ) After the customer interested,Sales person create the appointment to meet and give some short brief introduction about the hotel itself. Then closing the sales ended with giving the merchandise such as pen,bag,dining voucher or If the booker feel interested usually we gave them trial stayed to enjoy the hotel as a part of business promotion. Last ,Following up,update Hotel Newsletter and another promotion through our distribution channel either electronic or printed media ,telephone, sms, email.or fax.
  28. 28. Public relations involves efforts to stimulate positive interest in an organization and its products by sending out news releases, holding press conferences, staging special events, and sponsoring newsworthy activities put on by third parties. A basic element in public relations strategy is the preparation and distribution.
  29. 29. SLOGAN Let us stay with you Why we chose to stay with current slogan: Recently changed, revamped entire marketing efforts Sales have gone up in the past year Has brought success for the organization We believe in this slogan Want it become well-known with the brand Goes along with our IMC: Experience is worth more
  30. 30. IMC CAMPAIGN
  31. 31. EMAIL BLAST
  32. 32. TOOLS Mailings, email, and text messaging. These channels offer the potential to send personalized messages to highly targeted microsegments. Newspaper Column National Implementation New York Times Wall Street Journal Boston Globe
  34. 34. Sales promotion usually are specific to a time period, price, or customer group; sometimes all three. The objective is to accelerate the purchasing decision or motivate customers to use a specific service sooner, in greater volume with each purchase, or more frequently.
  35. 35. SALES PROMOTION Giving the special rate for the guest who has BCA, permata credit card . That means hotel do some affiliation with some bank in Jakarta. This promotion usually only valid in week end and can not be used on weekdays
  36. 36. SALES PROMOTION Invite guest to join Ritz Carlton mystique membership with only pay IDR 2.800.000. They can have complimentary at grand room or Mayfair suite and they will get another promotion at food and beverage.Then give 25 % disc from rack rate for the guest,
  37. 37. SALES PROMOTION Give 20% discount for Fitness membership at RItz carlton Give 15% discount from benchmark rate for week end
  38. 38. TRADE SHOW
  39. 39. In the business to business marketplace, trade shows are a popular form of publicity that also includes important personal selling opportunities. Trade shows stimulate extensive media coverage and offer business customers an opportunity to find out about the latest offerings from a wide array of suppliers in the field. Trade shows can be very productive promotional tools, because they are among the few opportunities in which large numbers of prospective buyers come to the marketer rather than the other way around.
  40. 40. THE MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS MIX Internet communication channels include firm’s website & online advertising;  Development in Internet technology are driving innovations such as permission marketing and exciting possibilities of highly targeted online advertising  New media communications blue line between impersonal and personal communication (youtube, social networks, & communities).
  41. 41. THE MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS MIX Service firms usually control service delivery channels and point of sale environment that offers them cost effective ways of reaching their current customers.
  42. 42. THE MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS MIX When designing their communication strategy, firms need to bear in mind ethical and privacy issues in terms of promises made, instrusion into private lives, and protecting the privacy and personal data of customers and prospects.
  43. 43. THE MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS MIX Most powerful messages about a company and its services originate from outside the organization and are not controlled by the marketer (word of mouth, blogs, twitter, social media, & coverage in traditional media).  Recommendations from other customers generally are viewed as more credible than firminiated communications and are sought by prospects, especially for high risk purchases.  Firms can stimulate word of mouth from its customers through a number of means including creating exciting promotions, refferal incentive programs, and referencing customers that are increasingly shifted to the online environment.
  44. 44. THE ROLE OF CORPORATE DESIGN Corporate design is key to achieving a unified image in customer’s minds. Good corporate design uses a unified and distinctive visual appearance for tangible elements including all market communications mix elements, stationary, retail signage, uniforms, vehicles, equipment, and building interiors.
  45. 45. INTEGRATING MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS With so many channels delivering messages to customers and prospects, it becomes crucial for firms to adopt the concept of integrated marketing communications (IMC).
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