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Give who you are.


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Speech given by the Ambassadorial Scholar Brittany Arthur in Berlin on 2nd of Dec, 2012

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Give who you are.

  1. 1. Global Peace Forum Berlin! ! ! ! ! ! ! Speech: New GenerationsGlobal Peace Forum BerlinNew Generations田中様、京子様、お世話になっております。お願いいたします。If we have everything we need to succeed, why do westill have the problems we have?Why is this new generation one of the mostunemployed? Drunk? Drugged? Depressed anduninspired?If our systems of education were still relevant andsuccessful why do we have youth, across the world,on every continent, with masters degrees and doublemaster degrees with no jobs?Since the beginning of time, the Greek, Spanish andItalian cultures have been the dreamers, and some ofthe most passionate. These are the civilizations fromBrittany Arthur! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  2. 2. Global Peace Forum Berlin! ! ! ! ! ! ! Speech: New Generationswhich our greatest human developments haveblossomed. But today their youth are walking aroundwith no vision, no hope, no jobs and no belief in theircapacity for change.Highly fueled emotions, mixed with no channel forpositive and effective expression brings conflict - youget riots in Greece, riots in Spain. You get tears, hurtand pain. Taking us further and further from ourshared goal of peace.We as Rotarians believe that it is in the service ofothers that we find ourselves. The opportunity to serveis the great need of the new generation that you canhelp fill.Our beliefs about what we are and what we can belargely determine what we will be. If we believe inpeace we will work in every way possible to create apeaceful life. The same rules apply if we believe in ourown self-imposed limits or hopelessness, our mindshave suddenly made those limits real.Brittany Arthur! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  3. 3. Global Peace Forum Berlin! ! ! ! ! ! ! Speech: New GenerationsHow can we be peaceful when our future is nobrighter than our present?We are here because we believe in the world not as itis but as it could be. So first let me thank you fordevoting your time a resources to this mightychallengeAnd you are here because you believe this newgeneration, my generation, is destined to succeed.We are the success stories of our ancestors who weresmart enough, fast enough, strong enough andcourageous enough to survive famines, plagues, warsand the worst natural disasters imaginable.We are the most educated, the most mobile and therichest generation who has ever walked on earth. Andwe have significantly increased the length of our lives -living well into our 70s and 80s. Yet, with all of this,something is lacking.Brittany Arthur! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  4. 4. Global Peace Forum Berlin! ! ! ! ! ! ! Speech: New GenerationsWhat we can achieve with our long, healthy, hopefullives will surpass the best future any of us sitting in thisroom today can possibly imagine.In this world we really only have two things to give.The first is our love, the second is our service. Oftenour service is an expression of our love. We here atRotary know that the whole-hearted giving ofourselves - of our love & our service - the mostmeaningful things in the world.We know this because these moments are sopowerful, these moments are so emotional, thesemoments are so significant that we give them a name.We call them Rotary Moments.Our Rotary Moments remind us why we really exist.We exist to serve others. We exist for somethinggreater than ourselves. We exist to serve above self.We exist as we know this world is not about ‘me’ butabout ‘us’.Brittany Arthur! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  5. 5. Global Peace Forum Berlin! ! ! ! ! ! ! Speech: New GenerationsYour Rotary moment is that moment when you findyour self in the service of others. That moment ofconnection with your true self, your better self, thatself you know you were meant to be. That momentwhen the reason why we are all here suddenly, if onlyfor a moment, makes sense.Rotary moments in a sense are bridges, bridges thattake us from who are today to who we want to betomorrow. They are the bridge between the world as itis today and the world as it could be tomorrow.My journey has bought me the absolute pleasure ofworking with the most talented, brightest students onthe planet. Whether is has been my studies inAustralia, Japan or in Germany, I can attest that ourmost brilliant young minds tend to illustrate a commontheme.That theme is passion. There are those who love whatthey do and those who do not.Brittany Arthur! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  6. 6. Global Peace Forum Berlin! ! ! ! ! ! ! Speech: New GenerationsThe difference between striving for your cause withgreat purpose and focus and, simply not, is in thebelief, it is possible. A peaceful balance of my why andmy how. This passion can change the course of a lifecompletely.While culture and tradition play a tremendous role inour development, there are 2 unifying elements ofthese people of passion. Elements that exist beyondreligions, beyond borders. Motivation and Mobilization.The will and the howThe first is that their belief in the world as is could beis stronger than anything else.Motivation: It is a focus where your vision is socompelling that it becomes not what you do but whoyou are. You move from someone who dances to adancer, someone who paints to a painter.Mobilization: They then take this crystal clear vision ofthe would as it could be and find the best resources.The best tools, the best map, the best mentor and theBrittany Arthur! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  7. 7. Global Peace Forum Berlin! ! ! ! ! ! ! Speech: New Generationsbest strategies. The successes of those leave clues,and the wise follow these clues which can beemulated in purpose and practice.Mobilization is what realizes a motivation into success.However, we know know people who have everymotivation to act and choose not to. Every tool to actand choose not to. What is the difference betweenthose who act and those who don’t?The answer is in conflict. Inner conflicts. You know thisis the most dangerous form of conflict there is - it isquiet, you can hide it and the world never would knowit exists - This conflict is what brings you 3 steps backafter moving 2 steps forward.And what are the most common conflicts to being theperson you were made to be and contributing your allto this world?One: Am I good enough?Brittany Arthur! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  8. 8. Global Peace Forum Berlin! ! ! ! ! ! ! Speech: New GenerationsIf you have pushed though that one, the next one is:Who am I to deserve all this?How can we unbind ourselves from our self-imposedlimits when we are conflicted? How can we find peacewhen we are being pulled in 2 ways? My dream is foreach young person to build their bridge from theirworld as it is to their world as it could be.But my aim for today is not to present you a problem.My dream for today is to present you a solution.Inner peace comes from bridging the world as it is andthe world as it and the world as it could be. Thatbridge is in mobilization. That bridge is you. Thatbridge is a Rotary moment.They know why. What they do not know is how. It isthe responsibility of the youth to dream and it is youryours to believe. Look into their eyes and tell them,“you are made to dream, I am made to believe in you.I will be your tool kit, I will be you belief when youdon’t believe in yourself”.Brittany Arthur! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  9. 9. Global Peace Forum Berlin! ! ! ! ! ! ! Speech: New GenerationsYouth with inner peace have the confidence toconnect with those around them with vulnerability andempathy. And what psychology knows aboutvulnerability and empathy is that they are the seeds forinnovation, creativity and change.Innovation, creativity and change are necessary for thedevelopment of our society, our governments, oureconomies, our education systems...Inner peace is the courage in your heart to know thateven if I fail, even if this doesn’t come together thistime, that’s ok. Because I have someone who believesin me and that is what give me the willingness andsense of purpose to try when there are no guarantees.And more importantly, a youth at peace withthemselves can be the light others need to do thesame. How do I know this?Because I cannot help but believe that the hands ofdestiny bought me to you today. The course of my lifeBrittany Arthur! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  10. 10. Global Peace Forum Berlin! ! ! ! ! ! ! Speech: New Generationswas completely transformed by Rotary YouthExchange. And I wasn’t even the one who went onexchange! It was the girl next to me Rieko Fukazawa.Through Rieko, I was introduced to the Rotary familyand now I stand here today as your AmbassadorialScholar.I could believe that all of these moments arecoincidence. I could also believe that I am destined tobe with you this morning. I am standing here beforeyou because, I had mentors who looked me in theeyes and said “we believe in you”. I could do the rest.We, as Rotarians, know that human communitiesdepend upon a diversity of talent. And not in asingular conception of ability. We represent aninspiring number of diverse disciplines. One of ourguidelines is to dignify each Rotarians occupation withan opportunity of service. You can help give our youththe same chance.Brittany Arthur! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  11. 11. Global Peace Forum Berlin! ! ! ! ! ! ! Speech: New GenerationsThe way back to peace and to each other is findingourselves through service. Solving our inner conflictsthrough a deep belief on our own self-worth.I ask two from you: 1. Find your dreamer. Chooseright now, a young person with the will and in need ofa way. If you do not know someone directly ask yourYEO, look them in the eyes and reassure them youbelieve in them. That they are not taking this scaryjourney alone. There is no need for fear. There is noneed for inner conflict. 2. Be a believer. This is themost important. Give not what you know.Give who you are.If you choose, you can have the opportunity toprovide resources and!guidance to release thispassion and completely change the trajectory of manyyoung lives.Brittany Arthur! ! ! ! ! ! ! !