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Social Signals, SEO and What You Need to Know

3 Important Ideas About Social Signals and Search Marketing For a short time after the Google Pengui...

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Social Signals, SEO and What You Need to Know

  1. 1. Social Signals, SEO and What You Need to Know 3 Important Ideas About Social Signals and Search Marketing For a short time after the Google Penguin update in 2012, the world of doing business online was in a constant state of commotion. People were very worried about the affect that it would have on them. It forced them to realize just how important social signals would be to their survival. It is still mainly about SEO but it is absolutely going to have an affect on the traffic you send to your site. Your business will not survive if you ignore this recent strong development. Sure it is trendy but that doesn't mean it is going to fade any time soon. Here are a few of the most accurate guidelines when it comes to using social signals for SEO (or for something more general). Research has shown that top ranking websites are heavily using social signals. That's a fancy way of mixing themselves amongst the crowd down in the trenches and the people who actually are the makeup of their audiences. These businesses are better implementing their social channels into their marketing efforts. What makes this so vital to your survival is that it is illustrative of just how much SEO has been changed because of social media. Your probably already have some idea about this because you have undoubtedly already heard of Facebook and Twitter. What you have to do now is pay them some good attention and actually start to use them. Be active in encouraging your readers to share your content. Of course you have to make sure that the content you've actually created is worth sharing and telling others about. Most business bloggers with a clue have all the applicable social widgets on their sites. You can also bring to the attention of your visitors certain activity feeds and recommended posts on your site. Although you have analytics on your blog, does it have a feature that tracks the flow of social media traffic to your site? You will need this in order to track traffic that comes to and from social resources. If you did not put social media widgets on your websites, then you have to get them the minute you finish perusing this article. Bloggers with good traffic routinely mention how much increased traffic they get after adding them. Do not forget that the SEO you use on your Facebook page can be quite helpful in other parts of your search marketing too. Posting spammy feeling content isn't a good idea and, in fact, you should work hard to avoid it. People at Facebook are just as savvy about this as they are in the Google SERPS. Since we're on the subject--you should also be testing search results for your social pages and social content. It looks like the relationship between Google and Twitter isn't as good as it used to be. Come to think of it, real time Twitter updates haven't been a part of the SERPs for at least a few months now. But that doesn't mean that Facebook shouldn't be a part of your SEO. You can easily find web businesses and online marketers who have a low opinion of Facebook. Their opinions don't matter, even if you can't afford to spend a bunch of time there, you need to have a Facebook presence for yourself. At the heart of it all are social signals and how you can take their power and use it to help enhance your own websites.