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  • Self-Esteem

    1. 1. Self-Esteem
    2. 2. Why is Self-Esteem Important? • Self-esteem is important because it can affect: – Your mental health – How you behave – Your decisions – Your friendships – Your success – Your life
    3. 3. What is Self-Esteem? • Self Esteem: – How you feel about yourself – How much you feel you are worth – How much you feel other people value you
    4. 4. What influences a person’s selfesteem? • Puberty and Development – Not everyone grows at the same time or the same way • Media Images – Avoid comparisons with celebrities • Family and Friends – Sometimes they are too focused on how you look and start criticizing
    5. 5. Low Self-Esteem • A person who has low self-esteem feels bad about themselves and has no confidence. • “I can’t do it” attitude
    6. 6. People with Low Self-Esteem: • • • • • • • • • Feel unhappy and miserable Feel that they are not as good as others Have no confidence in themselves Feel tired most of the time Do not want to do anything active Look at the worst side of everything Hard time forgiving their mistakes Have no respect for themselves Put themselves down even when someone is complimenting them – Ex.) “You look pretty today.” “No, I do not. You are just saying that to be nice.”
    7. 7. How you get low self-esteem • By telling yourself how bad, ugly, stupid, etc. you are • By disliking yourself • By hanging around by yourself or with other people who tease you • By thinking that mistakes only happen to you • By thinking that no one likes you • By thinking about all the bad things that have happened in your life • By not doing anything you enjoy doing or are good at • By listening to and believing others who tell you bad things about yourself
    8. 8. Effects of Low Self-Esteem • Distorted emotions and feelings • Difficulty in trusting people • Fear of trying new things • Panic attacks • Give up on dreams • Self-defeating behavior • Negative and critical about themselves • Complainers & Criticizers • Friends do not want to “hang out” anymore
    9. 9. High Self-Esteem • A person who has high selfesteem feels good about themselves and feels confident. • “I think I can” attitude
    10. 10. People with High Self-Esteem • • • • • • • • • • Feel happy Believe in themselves Are OK with themselves as a person Look forward to a good future Are energetic and hopeful Are confident Like joining in with others Are happy with each success Look for ways to succeed Don’t worry about how others will judge them
    11. 11. How you get high self-esteem • Like yourself and make the most of your good features • Join in with others • Try something new and practice so you can feel confident in your ability • Set short-term goals and reach them • Say “thank you” when you get a compliment and feel PROUD of your efforts • Accept mistakes • Be happy with who you are • Be a happy person and you will make more friends! • Hang out with positive people and not those who criticize you
    12. 12. Effects of High Self-Esteem • Successful • Happy • Fun to be around - Have more friends (magnet) • Trustworthy • Full of life
    13. 13. What Can You Do? • Strive to increase your self-esteem • Listen to the positives and ignore the negatives • Celebrate your successes! • Do not expect perfection. • Forgive yourself for your mistakes. • Stop putting yourself down. • Do not compare yourself with others. • List your accomplishments. • Accept compliments and give compliments
    14. 14. Be Involved • Another way you can boost up your selfesteem is by participating in extracurricular activities. Have a passion for something: – – – – – Music Sports Art Dance UIL • Find something you can excel in and this will help you feel better about yourself. • REMEMBER: Do YOUR best for YOURSELF and no one else!
    15. 15. What if I still have a low self-esteem? • SEEK HELP. • Talk to a counselor, supportive parent, or religious leader who can help you boost up your selfesteem.
    16. 16. Quotes to Remember • You become which you think about most. • “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt • There are two different people in the world. One that says “I wish I had” and the one that says, “I am glad I did”. Remember you can have anything in this world if you just believe in yourself!
    17. 17. Final Thought • You are a unique individual. No one else is like you in the whole world. You are special! • "Hero" sung by Mariah Carey
    18. 18. Video Clips • Lion King Clip
    19. 19. Activity: I AM POEM • Write a poem using the first letters of your name to describe yourself positively. • I AM – Modest – Attractive – Responsible – Intelligent – Successful – Original – Loyal