Introduction to Cells


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This is a very basic, introductory power point presentation of cells. This power point is designed as a quick way to gauge 7th grade life science students in the learning of cells.

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Introduction to Cells

  1. 1. Cells Toau HerBiological Sciences
  2. 2. Objectives Students will be able to•Understand what makes up a cell•Characterize the two types of cells•Recognize examples of these
  3. 3. What is a cell? •Latin for “small room”•Definition: functional and structural unit of all living organisms •1632: Founded by Antony van Leeuwenhoek•1839: The Cell Theory – Germanbotanis Matthias Jakob Schleiden
  4. 4. Types of Cells•Prokaryotic -Bacteria -Archaea•Eukaryotic -unicellular – protises -multi-cellular – fungi, plants, animals
  5. 5. EukaryotesCharacteristics - unicellular (protists) -mutlicellular (fungi, plants,animals) -membrane bound nucleus -contains organelles -linear DNA
  6. 6. Eukaryotic Cell
  7. 7. ProkaryotesCharacteristics -Greek: “small stick” -most abundant organism -found in all media -many are pathogens -asexual reproduction -beneficial in every day needs
  8. 8. Prokaryotic Cell