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Echelon speech


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Echelon speech

  1. 1. PyramidBuildingYourStartup
  2. 2. Ebisu Tokyo
  3. 3. Portfolios (20+ Companies)Giftee QiitaA service with which you cansend small gifts via Twitterand email.AnyperkSassor WHILL Language Cloud Frilhttp://giftee.coDreampasshttp://dreampass.jpOn-demand service for moviescreening at theaters. sharingplatform forprogrammers offers great perks asemployee perks.Electricity-consumptionmanagement tool for homes.http://sassor.jpNext generation personalmobility. http://whill.jpThe first LMS designed forlanguage education.http://languagecloud.coMarketplacefor women
  4. 4. Hiro Maeda@djTOKYO
  5. 5. FoundersFounder/MarketProduct/MarketEfficiencyScale
  6. 6. TEAMFirst Ideas are always bad.Bill Gates - Traf-O-Data, to make trafficcounters based on the Intel 8008 processor.Mark Zuckerberg - Synapse Media PlayerInstagram -
  8. 8. “Stubborn on vision”&“Flexible on details”~Jeff Bezos (Amazon)
  9. 9. • Very high IQ• Strong sense of purpose• Relentless focus on success• Aggressive and competitive• High quality bar boarding onperfectionism• Likes changing and disrupting things• New ideas on how to do things better• High integrity• Surrounds themselves with goodpeople• Cares about building real value overperceptionChamath Palihapitiya
  10. 10. Culture
  11. 11. Founder/MarketKnowledge of MarketExperience of foundersWhat makes the CEO busy?What’s your Passion?What’s your Secret?Experience - business driven? technology driven? commerce?Secret - 良いスタートアップアイディアには3つの共通点がある。創業者が自ら求める製品を作ること、彼らにしか作れないものを作ること、作っているものが世の中にとって重要だという事を気づいている人が少ないこと、である。
  12. 12. FoundersFounder/MarketProduct/MarketEfficiencyScale
  13. 13. For more info:visit: http://onlab.jpFollow: @on_labon Twitter