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6 Summer Instagram Trends of Millennials


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Discover 6 Instagram trends for Summer 2016 to see how Millennials are utilizing trending hashtags that diversity their posts and create a digital community. Use these trends and join the conversation to optimize the social media strategy for your business this summer.

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6 Summer Instagram Trends of Millennials

  1. 1. 6 for ‘16: Summer instagram trends of Millennials
  2. 2. Rebecca Bell Alexis Pastrana What are some of the biggest trends among Millennials for #summer2016? Using the popular app Instagram, which boasts over 90% of its 400 million users being under the age of 35, we relentlessly researched to see what’s driving the largest generation now living in the United States so you and your business can capitalize. Based in New Orleans, we’ve used our vibrant city to demonstrate these trends. Use them as part of your summer strategy to make some noise in the typically quiet months.
  3. 3. 1. Summer Treats Millennials can’t resist snapping a photo before they indulge in unique cuisine. These new and trendy foods blow up Instagram because of their brightly colored, symmetrically organized, and aesthetically pleasing presentation. This phenomenon has progressed so far to the point that people buy foods for the sole purpose of Instagramming them. The hashtags #fortheinsta and #picsoritdidnthappen are used to prove their #foodie reputation.
  4. 4. Acai bowls Acai bowls are the new smoothies. Popular for breakfast and a post-workout snack, these bowls are packed with superfoods that make them delicious and healthy. More importantly, these bowls act as a blank canvas for extremely elaborate designs; this trend has essentially evolved from a nutritious snack to a piece of art. Our favorite local spot is Beaucoup Juice, but the bowls are surprisingly easy to make at home. Find some inspiration for your next one by searching #smoothiebowls and #acaibowls. SUMMER TREATS:
  5. 5. Sushi Burrito The sushi burrito originated from San Francisco and is quickly gaining momentum across the country. It combines the freshness of Japanese cuisine with the flare of a Mexican classic all rolled into one. The colorful ingredients capture your eye as you scroll through Instagram. The moment you see this invention, your mouth is guaranteed to water. Check out the original restaurant, @Sushirrito, and the hashtag #sushiburrito. SUMMER TREATS:
  6. 6. Dat Iceroll Nola Although we’re still waiting for the sushi burrito to make its way down to New Orleans, this new dessert is an innovative roll of its own. Dat Iceroll Nola creates uniquely shaped ice cream in the most mesmerizing way. Customers and onlookers alike are hypnotized as they watch the curling of this delicate treat. It’s limited availability increases the demand for Instagrammers across New Orleans, but the lucky ones hashtag #daticeroll. SUMMER TREATS:
  7. 7. 2. Glasses and garnishes We can’t imagine a summer without a tasty and trendy drink. To succeed in the social media world, presentation is the #majorkey (shoutout @djkhaled). This season, we take our beverages iced, frozen, and fun. A decorative topping or odd shaped glass will make your #summerdrink distinctive this year.
  8. 8. Unique Glass Drinks can never go out of style, but glasses can. A creative way to serve a delicious beverage will encourage Instagrammers to share. One of our favorites is hollowed fruit which pairs perfectly with a classic drink or unique #mixology. Whatever the occasion, a new presentation is the way to let your posts shine. A night out in New Orleans pairs perfectly with a #handgrenade which you can find almost anywhere on Bourbon Street. GLASSES AND GARNISHES:
  9. 9. Drink with a Flare Adding a garnish or a little something extra will make your beverage just as fun as your summer. Give your drink some personality and make it Instagram worthy with an innovative style. Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant succeeds by adding a friendly shark or a bathing mermaid to your refreshment of the day. Check them out at #lucysnola. GLASSES AND GARNISHES:
  10. 10. 3. Fit for Summer It’s not about being skinny. It’s about being strong. Instagram has created a support system that serves as a platform of encouragement for women and men of all ages. Progress photos, inspirational quotes, and healthy recipes cover our feed. The hashtags #fit, #justdoit, #fitforsummer, #ripped, #shredded, and #gains represent the health movement this summer.
  11. 11. Fitness Fun Regular workouts just don’t cut it anymore; not only do we want results, we want to have fun. CrossFit’s popularity stems from its multifaceted approach while classes like Zumba make people forget they’re working out all together. One of our favorite innovative workouts in New Orleans is City Surf. This group fitness class inspired by surfing tests your balance while improving your endurance. Find a new way to increase your heart rate by checking out the hashtags #crossfit, #citysurf, #zumba, #gymlife, and #girlswholift. FIT FOR SUMMER:
  12. 12. Kayla Itsines BBG Kayla Itsines’ fame came from advertising her Bikini Body Guide (BBG) on Instagram. Her account is filled with inspirational quotes, rock hard abs, and incredible before and after photos of the many women who use her program. The #bbgcommunity embodies a positive image both physically and mentally. The hashtag #bbg and #bbgprogress show thousands of women’s success stories and the appreciation they have for Kayla’s workout. FIT FOR SUMMER:
  13. 13. Kayla’s not the only one encouraging before and after photos. People share their stories to inspire a healthy lifestyle and to show that dedication will lead to physical results. This trend is about accomplishing goals and feeling the confidence to disclose your personal journey. The hashtags #transformationtuesday and #progress represent this motivational phenomenon. Before & After FIT FOR SUMMER:
  14. 14. Summer time is the season of bathing suits, shorts, and tanks but #accessories can be the key in adding the extra flare. These popular accessory trends are bound to make your #summerstyle funky, fresh, and Instagram worthy. 4. Accessories
  15. 15. Water Bottle As the temperatures rise, staying hydrated is a must. Brands like #Swell and #Yeti are becoming one of the most popular handheld accessories of the summer. The unique bottle designs make them a fashion statement while maintaining the most important function of keeping your beverage portable and refreshing. ACCESSORIES:
  16. 16. Choker The #choker is back! This is an accessory that has been in and out of fashion through the ages, but has recently made its way back into summer must haves. Choker styles range from beaded to retro to a simple piece of fabric. The accessory can be used as a lone piece of neck art or paired with other necklace styles to add zest to any summer outfit. You can hop on this trend by choosing your own choker at the local C. Collection boutique. ACCESSORIES:
  17. 17. Bracelets for Men Bracelets are the new watch. From woven leather to dark beads, bracelets have become a fashion forward accessory for men. A watch on one arm and a bracelet or two on the other brings a twist to #menswear. You can find these styles locally at the French Market in New Orleans. ACCESSORIES:
  18. 18. Flower Crown This fashion trend has been inspired by the ever- popular festival season. Flower crowns are not necessarily new but definitely hot for the summer. The season brings us outdoors to enjoy the warm sun on our skin and the light breeze under the trees. Wearing your own halo or using the filter on Snapchat, a flower crown is guaranteed to bring out the #flowerchild in anyone. You can check out #flowercrown and #flowerhalo to see how the accessory is trending. ACCESSORIES:
  19. 19. 5. Donuts Do you remember when you could find a cupcake shop on every other corner? Times have changed; cupcakes are out and #donuts are in. The innovative twists on the treat have moved the donut from its place on the food chain to fashion to floaties in a pool. So “donut” miss out on this amazing summer trend.
  20. 20. Donut Forget to Post Donuts have made their way from your plate to your feed. Shops are decorating them and transforming your regular glazed treat into a work of art. Places like District Donuts utilize Instagram to share their flavors of the day and create buzz with their exotic designs. @LoveBakersDozen and @districtdonuts you can find these mouth-watering desserts by searching #donutart. DONUTS:
  21. 21. Donut forget your floaties The round floatie has been called the donut for as long as it’s been around, but now it’s taken more literally. The tube is perfect for the pool and beach as well as for taking the perfect Instagram picture. Don’t miss the mini versions that serve as floating koozies for your fresh summer drinks. So head to the pool, grab your floatie, take some pictures, and don’t forget to hashtag #donutfloat and #donutfloatie. You can find these coveted pool accessories in New Orleans @urbanoutfitters. DONUTS:
  22. 22. Donut Be Out of Style The donut phenomenon is breaking into the fashion world right before our eyes. The design can be found on shirts, hats, and even leggings. We love shirts from District Donuts which shows our #donutlove to not only the dessert but the apparel, too. Find ideas for this quirky outfit of the summer with the hashtags #donutlife and #donutshirt. DONUTS:
  23. 23. 6. Beat the Heat Although there’s nothing better than the strong summer sun, it’s important to find ways to cool down. Laying out poolside or feeling the sand between your toes are classic trends that aren’t going away any time soon. Instagram has made it easier to find the “coolest” places in town by tagging your location and adding the hashtag #summervibes. After all, what’s the point of spending a day at the beach if no one knows you’re there?
  24. 24. Our favorite new spot is the rooftop pool at Ace Hotel New Orleans. You’ll come because it’s free, but you’ll stay for the elite feeling of sipping on a cold drink and enjoying the beautiful view. We suggest arriving early because it fills up fast. But with a full food and drink menu, we promise you’ll never want to leave. Almost everyone shares the location Ace Hotel New Orleans on Instagram, using the hashtag #rooftop and #actualaces. THE ROOF IS ON FIRE BEAT THE HEAT:
  25. 25. Beach life Our love for relaxing on the beach hasn’t changed, but the photo trends have. We’ve strayed away from smiling group photos and now capture panoramic landscapes. If people are in the photo, chances are it’s only their legs or a candid shot. Gulf Shores is our favorite weekend getaway, but you can see incredible spots around the world with #beach, #beachlife, #beachtime, and #beachin. BEAT THE HEAT:
  26. 26. From donuts to fitness, you’re sure to see these 6 trends covering your Instagram feed this summer. How will you make them unique?
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