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What's Your Mardi Gras 2015 Parade Name?


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Ever wonder what your own, personal Mardi Gras parade would be named and what your signature throw would be? Or even who would preside as Grand Marshal? Find out here!

Then Tweet us @herofarm to let us know what you got.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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What's Your Mardi Gras 2015 Parade Name?

  1. 1. A-GoCups B-SmokingBans C-PowderedSugar D-Poboys E-BlueDogs F-Tutus GG-WaterLevelSticks H-Handkerchiefs I-Daiquiris J-BoiledCrawfish K-PotholeMix L-ShrimpBoots M -Parasols NN-NutriaFeed O-SpanishMoss P-CityContracts Q-HubigPies R-VoodooDolls S-Hand Grenades T-ZephyrsTickets UU-Streetcar Passes V-HandFans W -BeadAnimals X-ParkingCitations Y-Pralines Z-CreoleSeasoning A-Royals B-Beignets C-Frenchmen D-Landrieus E-Faubourgs F-Marignys GG-Calliopes H-Yats I-Pirogues J-Kennabras K-Prytanias L-Nagins M -Banquettes NN-Decaturs O-Levees P-Frerets Q-Fultons R-Rouxs S-Tchoups T-Metrys UU-Contis V-Wards W -Andouilles X-Wanks Y-Sazeracs Z-Earharts A-Sparkling B-Bouncing C-Sashaying D-Wild E-Sauntering F-Bald GG-Jittery H-Sloppy I-Hasty J-Sexy K-Creeping L-Grumpy M -Slick NN-Angry O-Hairy P-Strutting Q-Mysterious R-Shady S-Romping T-Infamous UU-Parading V-Clumsy W -Swanky X-Grandstanding Y-Charming Z-Quiet JAN-BryanBatt FEB-EdwinEdwards MARCH-SandraBullock APRIL-ChanningTatum MAY-FleurtyGirl JUNE-RogerGoodell JULY-EllenDeGeneres AUG-HarryConnickJr. SEPT-ReeseWitherspoon OCT-NicCage NOV-JohnGoodman DEC-IanSomerhalder TheKreweof_____ _____throwing_____. _____servingasGrandMarshal.