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Franz Posch & Oliver Wolf - The 370° Customer View


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Incuda Founder Franz Posch and Xperify Co-Founder Oliver Wolf present “The 370° Customer View”.

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Franz Posch & Oliver Wolf - The 370° Customer View

  1. 1. © incuda GmbH incuda BI for multi-channel business The 370°Customer View
  2. 2. incuda & EXPERIFY data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 2 Our Partnership ▪ Provide maximum detail level of data ▪ Maximum range of data integrated & analyzed ▪ Closed loop results measurements ▪ Fast implementation & integration empower Retailers with our BI platform and industry expertise to close the GAP and compete by going from data insights to full governance of strategy, tactics and operations. develops strategies for marketing technology and analytics for businesses in a digital and agile culture.
  3. 3. The Challenges of Customer-Centric Marketing © incuda GmbH . 3data-drive your business: One better Decision every day increase in Sales€ Iincrease customer satisfaction Efficiency and speed increase Consistent omni-channel communication Internal Challenges understanding Cross Devices & Channels Non-integrated Marketing data Limited Resources External Challenges High acquisition costs and great competitive pressure Data Privacy Regulations, DSGVO, E-Privacy regulation Increasing mobile usage & trafic Marketing Goals
  4. 4. Can you achieve a 360° Customer View? © incuda GmbH . 4data-drive your business: One better Decision every day 260° 160° 360° Does not exist Best practice like incuda BI Traditional companies Due to limited and disconnected data, touchpoints, and data privacy limitations Know everything about your customers and prospects. Integrated user view based on comprehensive channel integration, device consolidation and user profiles.
  5. 5. Data-driven Approach to Customer-Centric Marketing © incuda GmbH . 5data-drive your business: One better Decision every day Business Intelligence Trust Center 1st Party Data Inhouse data, enhance with market research etc. 2nd Party Data In-house and in-group details user data 3rd Party Data Multiple Companies C More channels Device integration Detail behaviour insights BI Platform Detail UC, UJ & Attribution Channels Campaigns, Social Media, devices Market trends BI Data Mall
  6. 6. Going from 160°to 370° data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 6 3rd Party Multiple companies Data silos Stores, Call Center, Print, Online, Email Channel integration Online, mobile, TV, Social media, OoH, Print, Magazines 2nd Party Corporate group, separate brands or business lines Data from independent companies, managed data sharing for a wider and more precise view on customers, prospects and market trends. On operational level: BI Data Mall 260° 370° Traditional set-up where offline sales & marketing is not completely integrated with new channels (online, mobile, social, …) Cross-channel + cross-device integration, user- centric view, integrated journeys & attribution Data from separate business units or brands, compliant with data privacy + corporate policies. 1:1 or micro-segments for analysis & targeting: “Trust Center” 160° 320° 370°
  7. 7. © incuda GmbH . 7data-drive your business: One better Decision every day PART ONE From traditional BI to customer-centric BI incuda BI - best practices for an integrated customer view 260°
  8. 8. Pre-packaged support for multi-channel business – Weekly/daily KPI routine with actuals, target, year-to-date and year-over year. 100 + custom KPIs. – Financial forecast for daily orders, revenue and profit. Management & Controlling – User Profile history: 40+ attributes per user and month. – Score Book with daily user scores and segments. – Sandbox environment for prototyping & mining. Research & Data mining – SEM, PSM, Affiliate (cpc, cpo), print, customer service, TV, etc., based on detail data and profit contribution. – New Customer Cohorts, based on acquisition channel, ad media, net revenue and CLTV. Traffic acquisition & Marketing – User Profile export, e.g. for personalized CRM, Lifecycle management and transaction mails. – User Segment Alerts, e.g. for Lifecycle & Churn management. – User Address/Device Map for consistent cross-device customer communication. CRM activation & conversion – Product Performance on sales, returns, stock level and profit margin. – Return rates by customers and products. Return forecasting. Product sourcing & pricing– External sales channels, stores, affiliates; selling on own or external marketplaces – External manufacturers and vendors – Online-Store score for cross effects Business partners data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 8
  9. 9. How we approach the integrated user view © incuda GmbH . 9 data-drive your business: One better Decision every day Create Persons out of Data • Channel and Device Interaction • Marketing Calendar for campaign management, meta data and cost • Cross-Device, cross-channel User Consolidation • Journeys and Attribution
  10. 10. Fast & Agile with plug-and-play connectors CHANNELS REVENUE & PROFIT Campaigns & CRM data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 10 DEVICES
  11. 11. Cross-channel & cross-device User view Deterministic dynamic matching process, based on master data and behaviour. Transparent consolidation with DQ-assurance. Allows for quality-approved modelling & outbound activities. Flexible configuration of consolidation & QA rules (e.g. person, household, …). data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 11 Case Study: international Online Retailer, comparison for German shop − A: modelling by leading Journey agency, based on online data − B: modelling based on online & inhouse data (incuda BI) Quantitative findings: − 50% of Buyer Journeys in scenario A with only 1 or 2 contacts (compared to 32% Journeys B) − Scenario B shows over 2 times more Journeys with 7+ contacts � Journeys show a more consistent approach to conversion (product information before orders) � Number of user interactions more in-line with experience of business experts � Validated responses from outbound communictaion confirmed device usage
  12. 12. Marketing performance & Attribution Measure financial success for single advertising items and users to be actionable. Define success metrics according to your business model, e.g. net revenue or profit contribution instead of KUR. Make sure the figures add up: total revenue & profit is consistent with controlling values. Structural attribution logic is more relevant than weighting (.e. separate logic for new/exising customers, champion-challenger analysis). Understand both time axes in the attribution: click time vs. order time. data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 12
  13. 13. Customer understanding, profiles, segments Out-of-the box profile reports combine all available information for customers and prospects −navigation patterns, channel and device usage −product & category interest and buying patterns, −financials: revenue, returns, profitability metrics −channel, campaign and offer responses −geography, gender, age, etc. Elaborate segments and scorings can be cross-validated against the selected segments. Typical standard models include −Customer lifecycle segments −Contact and order scores −Customer lifetime value −Product affinity scores data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 13
  14. 14. Traditional BI: our learnings data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 14 - detail traffic & contact data is key for operational excellence - allocate marketing cost to contacts, not to orders! - good user consolidation is feasible with „in-house approach“ only - channel & device integration is more important than a fancy attribution logic: if you can‘t connect acquisition with conversion channels, performance metrics are off! - use Journeys for marketing, plus CRM, customer service & product management (e.g. Renner Penner) - build Journeys & Attribution properly: if you go „half way“ it wont work.
  15. 15. © incuda GmbH . 15 Discover incuda: 8-week Trial data-drive your business: One better Decision every day
  16. 16. © incuda GmbH . 16data-drive your business: One better Decision every day PART TWO TRUST CENTER integrating data across brands, business units and corporate legal entities 320°
  17. 17. IMAGINE: Activate all your Customer Information data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 17 Imagine you could activate all customer information for Analytics and Budget optimization in GDPR-compliant way. This would allow for a more effective targeting of your customers‘ journeys across the central touchpoints.
  18. 18. Scale your critical data with the Trust Center data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 18 The Trust Center helps to utilize mission critical data and to scale your business with better decisions − Integration of literally all marketing touchpoints and campaigns − Best possible data quality and latency − Enabling of holistic click paths − Compliant with all relevant IT Security and Data Governance regulations − Rapid implementation with standardised approach and out of the box connectors − Seamless integration in existing BI and analytical environments
  19. 19. DSGVO/GDPRS – adressing the key challenges data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 19 The Trust Center ensures that all requirements from DSGVO and corporate policies can be supported. wider definition personal data and and limited options for anonymisation 1 additional security and protection requirements2 Privacy by Design as a fundamental aspect for the design of analytical and marketing solutions 3 additional data subject rights and enhanced documentation obligations 4 Compliance evaluation considers the complete process and the trade off between legitimate interests of all parties envolved 5 Flexibility to match upcoming privacy regulations and turn them into an opportunity
  20. 20. Core functions of the Trust Center data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 20 The „Trust Center“ solution includes - Organisation & processes: trusted & experienced partners, defined services - Applications, data & technology: safe, scalable infrastructure, GDPRS compliant
  21. 21. Trust Center – Architecture overview data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 21 Data handling in a strict one-way mode, with enforced data encryption. CRM & marketing activities through mapping to microsegments / audiences, or Trust Center-based services.
  22. 22. © incuda GmbH . 23data-drive your business: One better Decision every day PART TRHEE The BI Data Space (BI-DS) Maximising your view on your market and on your customers 370°
  23. 23. Enhanced Customer- and Market-view data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 24 How to compete against the “big players” who are simply too big for you?, e.g. Amazon with 50+ mln. in Germany - strongly improve your reach on your relevant customers (fist step: analysis) - enhance your customer understanding by sharing information with a peer group, providing a wider view on activities per customer - better understand multi-channel, multi-device usage for marketing - get performance benchmarks, discover market trends - focus on your own prospects & customers Roadmap: - remaining actionable, add capabilities on top of inhouse & market research data - Engagement, customer value & potential scores for customers & prospects - direct marketing support, Audience services
  24. 24. BI-DS Architecture principles data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 25 Key requirements for sharing data in a trusted environment: - apply established standards: International Data Space - Data Privacy & Governance, trusted & certified data management - Ttansparent processes for “Data Sharing” with other companies; double-sided opt-in The dataspace build on top of the BI- and Trust Center capabilities - Trusted & certified partners & processes - Harmonised data KPI models - Compliant with data privacy regulations (anonymization, micro-clustering), but on single user level to preserve actionability From: Whitepaper „Industrial Data Space, digital sovereignity over data“,
  25. 25. Data Sharing process data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 26 Data Space repository: - available companies in the Dataspace - names of companies are never provided. Members are described by metadata like size , industry, categories, etc. Two-sided “double opt-in” approach for data sharing - New company requests a connection with a list of companies or clusters - requested companies can confirm the connection & data sharing with the new company - Connections can be revoked anytime
  26. 26. BI Data Space: status and next steps data-drive your business: One better Decision every day © incuda GmbH . 27 Base modules are in place - Standardised BI Platform & metrics model - Trust Center service - Privacy-compliant marketing services approach Next steps are: - Detail technical platform architecture & data privacy policies - Define harmonized KPI landscape - Define transparent data sharing rules - Trial phase with first customers We are open to onboard more interested parties in working on the topics! Contact: Franz + Oliver - -
  27. 27. Contact us: Franz Posch +49 (0)152 / 3363 6683 Oliver Wolf +43 (0)664 / 4029 521 incuda GmbH . Karlstr. 43/II . D–80333 Munich ..c do you want to data-drive?