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Ting Concept Framtidens Informationstjänster Bd Lund 20100305


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Ting Concept Framtidens Informationstjänster Bd Lund 20100305

  1. 1. TING.concept A foundation for change Framtidens informationstjänster, infrastrukturer och samarbetsformer 5 mars 2010, Lund, Sweden Mats Hernvall / TING.Concept / DBC - - 1
  2. 2. Agenda Why TING.concept? What is TING.concept? TING.concept Community Current status and the next steps Q&A
  3. 3. Why TING.concept Why TING.concept
  4. 4. Library bag – relevant Ensure that library services are relevant • Workflow switch – services around workflows (Lorcan) • in the right context • Speed for the users in the • Availability digital society
  5. 5. Challenges Challenges
  6. 6. Libraries – Search • Mediation / Interaction / Experiences • Search is important • But we need more…mediation, interaction, human touch
  7. 7. Users are on all devices, connected • The digital world • Devices • Content / formats
  8. 8. Users everywhere - Conversation • Using all tools, and many more • Interact or consume with data and services • How do Library srevices fit into this? • They won’t come to THELibrary Site
  9. 9. Usability expectations • Whe are competing for user time and attention “If you ain't going to make it easy for me, I am not going to try it. I have enough hoops to jump through during the day to deal with.”
  10. 10. Relations Information objects • Everything(Books, Film, Music,everything relates to Metadata, etc.) • The base for creating Context that works • Handling the relations • Inside library but more important in relation to the rest of the world Staff Users
  11. 11. Vendors – economist picture • Everybody wants to do everything for everybody • User lock in • These are good users fg new tech David Simonds/The Economist
  12. 12. ”Stop hugging your data” Sir Tim Berners-Lee, 2009 Vendors – Stop hugging… • Data lock in • Only access through proprietary UI and applications • Not only content but user statistics, back en usage, etc
  13. 13. Libraries – Silos • Library websites are not integrated • Vendors have their own products, brand, interfaces -> Links Databases • Mediation are not connected to the content – relations • A lot of links – and a website
  14. 14. Experience economy Competition – experience TING.concept - economy • Compare TDC play, Bredbandsbolaget Spotify, • Our services together with other products • The ability to deliver ....everywhere easily • Free business models...
  15. 15. Business models - Competition • Freemium • Attention economy • Experience economy • Price cuts on: • Content / Media • Technology • Bandwidth • Computing Power • Storage
  16. 16. What is TING.concept? What is TING.concept
  17. 17. Libraries in the digital society TING.concept - • Content • Interaction • Context Content “the world's best social objects and loads of them - words, images and sound”
  18. 18. Libraries in the digital society TING.concept - • Content • Interaction • Context Interaction “experiences through interaction, learning and sharing – support the workflows”
  19. 19. Libraries in the digital society TING.concept - • Context • The pervasive library • Context Everywhere – the workflow – network • Personalization “designing for experiences is fundamentally about people, their activities, and the context of those activities – adding value”
  20. 20. TING.concept TING.concept – overall • Content People Data • Interaction Search + + • Context + Activities Enrichment Filter + + Design Relations Content Interaction Context
  21. 21. Experience design - detailed • Text Stephen P. Anderson |
  22. 22. TING.concept TING.concept original map • Horizontal integration • Integrated search • Unified indexes – but extended with Linked Data + Federated search • Distributed model – integrates several systems and indexes • Unique throw the focus on API´s and WSS + partnerships • Support competition in the front end
  23. 23. Proof of Concept First production release Mars 2010 Brønd.TING (middle & transaction) Dansk Biblioteks Center (DBC) Developer and Integrator Automated harvesting of content SaaS provider and hosting partner Presentation.TING Århus and Copenhagen Public Libraries New websites built on Drupal – DING.TING Full integration with ILS
  24. 24. Proof of concept 25
  25. 25. Brønd.TING + middle.TING Object WS – Search WS – and more Object Facettes Solr Repository Process Content Data Transform Dock Fedora Index Search Commons Apache Lucene Harvest: Creates objects from input files Annotate: Writes metadata to the object Relation: Builds relations to other objects Store: Stores the object in Fedora
  26. 26. Why? Drupal Drupal is in the Visionaries quadrant because of its use of the open source model to drive adoption and popularity, while providing enterprise services via organizations such as Acquia. Its strong content-centric, community and web application foundation is being rapidly extended with hundreds of modules, including many for collaboration and social interaction support. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace.
  27. 27. Faceted Search Auto completion Spelling Relevance FRBR-ized! Covers Syndication Deep links – object level Others that have borrowed User generated content Campaign engine …
  28. 28. Faceted Search Auto completion Spelling Relevance FRBR-ized! Covers Syndication Deep links – object level Others that have borrowed User generated content Campaign engine …
  29. 29. TING.concept Community
  30. 30. TING.concept TING.concept - • Content • Interaction • Context Content Interaction Context Collaboration – Innovation – Sharing OpenSource
  31. 31. An open eco-system Community slogan for digital [cultural] innovation collaboration, and shared results
  32. 32. TING.concept Community Library Partner Mobile.TING • Governance model • Different teams Community TING.concept • Merits (except partner a mix) Content.TING Council ------------- Community Community Work Group Brønd.TING Ding.TING
  33. 33. TiNG.concept Community mapping
  34. 34. Partnerships Important part of TING.concept Partnerships on all levels: system vendors, content suppliers, developers, libraries, media, … Joint projects – Innovation – New products Partnership committment to implement digital library services based on TING.concept to contribute experience and results to TING.concept to contribute according to ability
  35. 35. TING.concept eco-system Use / Re-use Contribute Cooperate Projects Collaborate Separately owned, Baseed funded and governed B Based on / supports TING Initiates Project owners Participate Governs Partnership Funding Committment System Individuals Vendors Libraries Institutions Publishers Etc. Integrators
  36. 36. DING.TING core Copenhagen Århus Kolding Gentofte Library 1 Library 1 DBC
  37. 37. Current status Århus and Copenhagen Public Libraries Netlydbog – Library Consortia for Audio Books Kolding (and others) – Public Libraries Gentofte – Central Public Library DBC – Open Library Services & Integra ILS PallesGavebod – Denmark's new national Children's Library (SBM, Libraries and DR) Procurement process for DEFF New library infrastructure in Denmark
  38. 38. – Children's Library Based on TING.concept and brønd.TING
  39. 39. 43
  40. 40. What’s next? TING.concept Community launch New presentation.TING projects – partner projects, mobile, social functions, etc. Brønd.TING – performance, tuning, functions, WS/API´s, integration (ILS, content platforms), etc. Content.TING – more content and relations Nordic countries – Sweden, Finland, ... Outside Brønd.TING - Linked Data / Federated search Outside library sector
  41. 41. Freedom of choice Q If I don´t want to develop myself but still want the benefits from the TING.concept Community development. Are there “standard products” with support and service? A Yes! DBC delivers complete solutions based on the TING.concept with hosting, service and support. Or select the services that You need and develop others together with the TING.concept partners.
  42. 42. Your Library Organisation? Presentation.TING Library system(s) Other Other Content Libraries Brønd.TING
  43. 43. Q &A
  44. 44. Thanks! TING.concept consortium Copenhagen Public Library= Århus Public Library= DBC= TING.concept = TING.concept Community – Soon to be released!