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Growing an open participative horizontal and based on trust company

Talk at Agile 2016, Atlanta about an open, participative, horizontal and based on trust company

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Growing an open participative horizontal and based on trust company

  1. 1. Growing an Open, Participative, Horizontal, and based on Trust Company Hernán Wilkinson @HernanWilkinson -
  2. 2. The place where I work is the best one. Thank you @10Pines
  3. 3. In the previous class the professor asked who of us were happy at work and I was the only one to raise the hand ha ha
  4. 4. A-Team, look where I am today! It is incredible how it sounds here. Thanks for the support. I think that without 10Pines this would be an impossible dream
  5. 5. Experiences… good and bad…
  6. 6. And that is how everything started …
  7. 7. Trust
  8. 8. Working Hours & Environment
  9. 9. Participation
  10. 10. Roots
  11. 11. Profit Share
  12. 12. Transparency
  13. 13. Open Numbers
  14. 14. Open Salaries
  15. 15. Hi… I don’t want to add noise, but I thought a lot about my raise and it makes me feel uncomfortable […]
 I prefer not to get it and I’m emphatic about it
  16. 16. Horizontality
  17. 17. Roca per Pine
  18. 18. Of course we have problems
  19. 19. The most important: THE CUSTOMER Really??
  20. 20. Time Flew
  21. 21. An APHOBACO company - @10Pines Thank you