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Startup World

  1. 1. OverviewStartup World is an initiative to promote startups, entrepreneurship andtechnology through a global competition to find the world’s most innovativestartups.We have identified 36 tech hub cities around the world and will hold regionalpitching competitions, with ten entrepreneurs pitching to a panel of expertjudges in each city. The winners of the regional pitch competitions will travelto Silicon Valley for a grand showdown at the end of 2012.Why are we doing this?Much like competing on American Idol, selling a business idea requires rawtalent, mastery of the material, and command performance. So this yearweve launched Startup World — our global answer to the hit singingcompetition.While most media is currently focusing on Silicon Valley, we want to shine alight on entrepreneurs in emerging markets.
  2. 2. Startup World Documentary In a partnership with The Next Web, Startup World will be documenting the startups they meet and highlighting the different tech-hubs across the world. In each city, the team will interview the local Startup World winner as well as the big players in that city. The goal is to showcase the different problems entrepreneurs are solving in emerging markets and the challenges they face in building their companies. Startup World will also be touring offices of global startups and co-working spaces. Each video for the 36 cities will last 2-3 minutes and will be published on The Next Web shortly after leaving each city. This content will also be shared to our partners and their media networks.
  3. 3. Press and media:• Over +150 press articles!
  4. 4. By the numbers • Total number of events: 10 • Total number of attendees: 1,298 • Tickets sold on Eventbrite: 900+ Social Media • Twitter followers: 18,743 • Facebook reach: 1,140,893 • Mentions: 500+ • Countries reached: 200+• Estimated total impressions: 5+ million (attendees+social media+press)
  5. 5. Where we went:
  6. 6. Where we went:
  7. 7. Announcement of Winner
  8. 8. Where are we headed?
  9. 9. EuropeStartup World will be traveling in January 2013 to: • London, United Kingdom • Reykjavik, Iceland • Madrid, Spain • Barcelona, Spain • Tel Aviv, Israel • Istanbul, Turkey • Moscow, Russia • Tallinn, Estonia • Berlin, Germany • Copenhagen, Denmark • Amsterdam, The NetherlandsOur Partners •Startup Denmark •Startup Turkey •Startup Britain •Startup Sauna •Startup Berlin
  10. 10. India, Asia, AustraliaStartup World will be traveling in February 2013 to: •Mumbai, Maharashtra, India •Hong Kong, China •Beijing, China •Tokyo, Japan •Singapore •Sydney, Australia •Melbourne, Australia •Auckland, New ZealandOur Partners •Startup Asia •Enterprise India •Startup India •Startup Malaysia
  11. 11. North AmericaStartup World will be traveling in March 2013 to: •New York, NY •Montreal, Canada •Vancouver, BC Canada •San Francisco, CA •Boulder, COOur Partners •Startup America •Endeavor •Seedcamp •Startup Canada •Startup Labs
  12. 12. For additional details orHermione Way Erick DavidsonCo-founder erick@startupworld.comT:1-415-278-1924 T:1-859-585-4759